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When starting a business, there are some basic steps to be carried out and every of those steps is as important as the other.

Choosing a business name happens to be one of the early steps to take and choosing the right business name can have a lot of impact on the business in terms of marketing structure, the business niche among many other things.

A lot of business owners find it entirely difficult to come up with names for their business due to the fact that most of the names they come up with are probably too difficult to pronounce or it has been picked, trust me it can be frustrating.

HI everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post I will be showing you guys best business name generators for your business.

How do you give your business a perfect name when different ideas are either flowing to your head or none at all?.

The best bet is to use an online business name generator because using one will not only give you ideas, it will also help you pick the right one.

Before I go into the list of platforms where you can generate a business name for your business, you need to understand the picking the right name for your business can help its scalability.


The first thing to be aware of is that


Names have the ability to influence a lot of things especially when it comes to the customers. Many customers tend to go for a product in which the name sounds relatable and also always ready to meet their needs.

 For example, a real estate developer that names his business “Haven’s Home “ will most often than not always get a handful of customers because the potential customers can relate with it and also imagine its influence in their lives.

The second thing to be aware is that


As we all know the popular saying that “first impression matters most”. This saying is also what happens when it comes to business names.

When generating your business name it is advisable to add a special mark to make your name stand out and also create an imprint in the minds of your potential customers.

One last thing about creating first impressions is in the area of your investors, a very good business name has automatically done 50% of the job needed and it can also differentiate you among potential investors.

The third thing to be aware of is that


A very good business name can be a good source of communicating with your potential customers and investors in the sense of showing its users the businesses’ strategy and it can also help to target audience. A good example will be hotels.ng which is an online hotel booking platform.

From the name hotel.ng ,it is clear that every activity that will be carried out in the business is centered on hotels therefore a user of an online delivery platform cannot go to hotels.ng to request for an order.

Many business name generators uses different techniques to arrive at their names so you can actually choose the one that works best for you.


The very first one on the list will go to


 Namelix is a business name generator that uses artificial intelligence to create a short, brand-able business name.

If you want short but catchy names for your business, namelix is the right place to go.

To get access to their services, just go to their website which is (https://namelix.com)

The second one on the list is


Shopify business name generator is actually very easy to use, you just simply enter a keyword of the business you wish to name and then search. The results will come out in several numbers and it’s left to you to choose the name that best suits you

The business website is – www.shopify.com/tools/business-name-generator

The third one on the list is


FreshBooks business name generator is also a brilliant tool to use if you want a very good name. This tools comes up with a lot of suggestions which are also very relevant to your industry .

The business website is www.freshbooks.com/business-name-generator

The fourth one on the list is


Rhymer is a unique type of business name generator which uses various forms of rhyming . It will still carry out its function which is to generate names but it may offer name you don’t require.

The website is www.rhymer.com

The fifth one on the list is


Anadea is a free business name generator that can help you find the suitable name for your business, website or your app. The only thing to do is to input in your business keywords and then it shows you business name suggestions for you to pick from.

The website is https://anadea.info/tools/online-business-name-generator

The sixth one on the list is


To use this online business name generator, you just need to put in a word or couple of words and it generates business names for you to pick from.

This tool also shows which domain names are available for those business names suggested.

The website for this tool is www.businessnamegenerator.com/

The seventh one on the list is


This is a simple business name generator that shows a display of a random name when the button is clicked. You can also keep a list of names displayed and then find out if the domain name is also available.

The website for this tool is www.dotomator.com

The eighth one on the list is


This is an epic tool for generating business name with just a click. You can generate business names for your website, product or app too by typing keywords to instantly get suggestions in which you can then pick from.

The website for this is https://www.namemesh.com

The ninth one on the list is


Namesmith business name generator helps you come up with name ideas from up to five keywords.

This tool showcases many different name suggestions strategies from your keywords which includes misspellings that were done on purpose, creating fantasy names as a result of what you entered and so on.

The website for this is https://namesmith.io/

The tenth one on this list is


This business name generator tool allows you the privilege to enter specific criteria and come up with a list of about 24-816 possible names for each search. You can indicate the number of syllables you want among other things.

It’s very easy to use and it also offers a lot of features.

The website for this tool is https://www.naming.net/

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.


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