3 Sure Ways to Grow your Network in Business


In business, one thing you need to grow is your network. This is one big asset for every wannabe successful entrepreneur therefore it is vital to always grow network that matter to you and those network that will be of value to you.

At this moment you mostly likely do not have as much connections as you want to or need to but it’s alright, that’s why this article was written.

A wise man once said the person you need to meet or that network you need is just at most 3 people away from you.

This means that if you want to meet with someone for example the CEO of an establishment, you just need a maximum of 3 individuals to facilitate that for you.

Another wise man once said, he said if you need something and you can’t afford it, you ask your family friends, colleagues, partners etc. and you still can’t afford it then it means your network is weak.

There are therefore ways to grow your network and we will be looking at 3 ways to do it.

1. Build your networking chain from your source.

When trying to build your network chain you need to understand that one of the best places to start from is where you come from.

This is a more secure platform for building and growing your network around your and consequently your net worth too.

Most Successful entrepreneurs build the early part of their relationships with the ones they already have.

The reason why these relationships are the ones that last is because they are based on the fact that the people involved already know themselves and this will also lead to the relationship built on trust and knowing fully well that such a partner will deliver if placed under any task.

2. Show a helping hand

One way to get known as an entrepreneur is when you take drastic action after spotting a gap in the market sphere.

What this means is that you are placing your resources out there to solve that problem in the market which shows that you are helping others indirectly because whatever problem you solve will help the end users in some way.

When you meet another entrepreneur and you think that person would be of great value to your business network, you can carry out a research on the areas where such an individual would need a helping hand and once you do locate what the person needs, you help such an individual and straight-way that becomes a network for you.

This has proven to be one of the best ways to gain and grow your network because most people with networks are people of value.

Once you have a value adding proposition, people will surely want to hear you out and associate with you.

Even as an investor, your network is also important because the new businesses you are investing in, you are indirectly helping them either in cash or kind and there’s no doubt that after doing such you won’t be growing your network base.

3. Do the right introductions in time

A great way for entrepreneurs to build their network is to bring people who can be of assistance to each other but who are in different networks.

As an entrepreneur who wants to build his or her network, it is imperative to know when to make yourself known to potential networking community.

When interacting with your people in business community and also other aspect of the market that can also be relevant to you, you can make your introduction right in the middle of your discussion.

For example you went for a conference and you meet with different people that can add value to your business network, you can just start up a conversation with them and while doing that you can just chip in what you do and how you can add value. While doing this, a few of them will buy into it and will reach out to you.


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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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