3 Things to avoid that can cost you Credibility at Work


Have you ever tried figuring how important you are and how your employees or co-workers view you?

We may have the wrong perception of ourselves thinking that we are being cherished by people but in the real sense, they don’t cherish us.

Most people go the extra mile just to make sure they are in right standing with everyone by regularly checking up with them and maintaining good value system.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be showing you 3 things to stay away from that can have a negative influence on your credibility at work.

1. Lateness

Just as the popular quote goes, ” punctuality is the soul of business“. As much as we all try to be punctual as possible, there are times where we cannot.

A lot of factors can play into us being late, factors like Traffic, a faulty alarm or a meeting that took too long to end.

As much as we encounter lateness due to those reasons, there are reasons and situations that are just not accepted. For example, being extremely late for an on-going meeting and causing a major distraction for everyone present and thereby loosing respect among colleagues and it can also lead to you being sanctioned.

Among the other things that may happen to you due to your lateness, one major thing that will most likely happen is that you may not be trusted as much as before again especially if it’s not your first time.


When dealing with this, you need to first acknowledge that you are the first reason why you aren’t able to make it on time to your destination.

Just as the popular saying goes,” Early to bed, Early to rise”. For you to make it to your destination on time you need to leave for that destination way earlier than the usual time you normally leave.

Ensure that the night before your early morning meeting, you tidy up whatever needs tidying up and get your clothes ready and your footwear too.

You should also allot time to every activity you carry out once you wake up like having your bath, dressing up and probably taking your meal.

Peradventure after all these you still run late, don’t just barge into the meeting room, enter quietly and don’t cause any major distraction and also show remorse on your actions.

2. Mechanization

In this present day and age, there is an outburst of technology like no other,  gadgets are flying everywhere around the globe from smartphones to tablets,  iPad, iPod, laptops and so on. Due to this people find it difficult to concentrate on their tasks and in the process they mess things up.

Also due to this reason, most workers have gotten so carried away with it that they don’t know when to use it, they use it in awkward places and events like during a meeting or playing music while serious work is going on thereby causing distraction to others.

When you do all these things, it automatically sends a signal to those around you that they aren’t as valuable as your gadget and you don’t need them.


Nobody is saying you shouldn’t use your gadgets, you just need to use them at an appropriate time. For instance while you are in a meeting, you shouldn’t pick any calls or check any messages. Infact your devices you either be switched off or put on silence.

The only time you are eligible to use your device is when you are on your desk but since you are in a work environment, you have to be descent about it.

When you give the due respect to people around you, you will realize that your job can be made easier and your relationship can also flourish.

3. Giving Excuses

Giving excuses is one of the major ways people claim to get away with situations but what they do not understand is that the person you are giving it too isn’t a dumb person. Most of the time your boss just acts as if it’s fine.

Just because people in higher authority do some things, that doesn’t give you the exclusive rights to do so. If you are in a meeting and your boss picks or makes a call or even sends a text message,  it doesn’t give you excuse you do to do the same.

When you are at fault on a particular thing, don’t put the blame on someone else instead take the blame on yourself and try to solve the challenge if it’s still solvable.

Apportioning blame won’t do you nor the situation any good but instead it will make you look like some who is not serious and trustworthy.


When trying to deal with this, you need to set a high and strong value system for yourself, tell yourself that there are somethings i can’t just do even if all the people in my department are involved provided it’s not an accepted thing.

Try to do things differently and maximize every opportunity and resources at your disposal not giving room for any sort of excuse or inadequacy.

When trying to work on yourself to get rid of the mindset of giving excuses, you need to do it on a daily basis because trust me, the change will most likely not come when you first start, it takes constant practice.


Thank you for reading this piece if article


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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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