3 ways to Manage Business Stress and improve productivity


One of the things we realize in life is that we spend the bulk of our period in our business working and this leads to a tremendous amount of stress and as time passes, productivity starts declining.

In this present day and age, it is evident that people are more savvy with technology that they  get too attached to it like their mails for notifications among others.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this article i will be talking about ways to manage business stress which can improve productivity.

A survey was conducted to find out how many people find their jobs stressful and the result was quite alarming, about 40% proved affirmative. This result shows the importance of this article.

A good number of people engage in other general methods like taking a walk during lunch hours, taking a nap and meditating but what if all these methods don’t work what should you do?

Let’s look at other ways to manage business stress and improve productivity.

1. Task delegation

When working on projects, there are several tasks to do and things gets worse if you are in a managerial position, you will have tons of work to do and before you realize it you will most likely fall ill or burned out.

What you need to do is to carefully select those tasks you aren’t too good at and those ones you don’t really like doing and delegate those subtasks to those workers that can help you with it.

Ensure that you trust those people you are giving those jobs to that they will deliver when due and they will also do a good job.

You also should make certain that those tasks you are delegating are areas of specialty for those people that are helping you with it.

To help yourself with it, you can follow these four tips . This wil serve as a guide to follow when delegating tasks.

  • Try to ensure that those tasks in the category of those you love doing and which you are also good at.
  • Ensure that you put those tasks to categories of those you prefer to do it than other things.
  • Arrange them in the category of people that don’t like it but they can do the job.
  • You can put them in the category of someone who doesn’t like it and also cannot do it.

Once you have created categories for youe tasks, you can then source for able people that can fit into those categories and delegate the tasks to them.

Doing this will help reduce stress in your business on your part and also increase productivity and also save enough time to do other profitable things.

2. Take a break and rediscover yourself

When we get too overwhelmed with the tasks we are meant to perform, we realize that we get confused sometimes and we get stressed out and feel like giving up.

What you need to do is to take a break from all the whole activity and clear youe head, take your time to redefine your focus and vision.

Start a scale of preference, select what needs to be done first and needs to follow, what needs to be discarded.

Those questions needs to be answered and then once you have the right answers, you can then go back to work and enforce them, you will realize that you are less stressed amd more focused on those things that are more important.

Also, taking a break from all the activities at work will help your brain to rest and get refreshed for the next task.

Once you realize that you are getting worked up on a particular task or activity, take sometime off work and relax. It helps.

While doing this, you can take a trip outside town just to change your environment.

Doing this will help you see things in a different perspective and can provide a solution to that difficult task you couldn’t resolve back at work.


3. Learn to refuse

As a boss or even just an individual, you will often have people come to you to ask for favours and you will have to commit yourself to them but what you don’t realize is that once you commit yourself to those commitments, you will have to fulfill it.

Imagine having about 10 people come to you and asks for a favour and those favours are all on your power to do and them you agree to it, this is aside from the normal commitment you have to your job and task.

You will realize that you will become worked up easily and will not even finish those personal tasks in due time and even if you finish in due time, it most likely won’t be done perfectly.

What to do to help you perform well at tasks, is to learn to refuse requests, you can only accept requests when you only know you have enough time on your hands to do it.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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