4 Crucial Rules for choosing your Business Name


When you have a business idea and you are willing to pursue it, there are somethings that should be put in place for you to have a smooth setup of your business and one of the important things is choosing your business name.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this article i will be sharing with you on 4 important rules or things to watch out for when choosing your business name.

Therefore i need you to take your time as you read through, you can always ask questions through the comment section and i will reply as fast and well as possible.

Below are the rules

1. Your proposed name has to stick to the head of people and also simple as possible

It is the joy of an entrepreneur when the customers can always remember you and what most of them will remember is your business name.

This shows how important the simplicity of how youe name should be.

Your business as much as it should have a physical presence, it also should have an online presence and while ensuring that, make sure that it’s also easily found on the web such that when a potential customer searches for it, it wouldn’t be difficult to find.

2. It should create an image

Have you ever experienced this before, when you think about a company an image just comes right to you.

The image connotes what thr business is about and the value it creates.

3. Make sure your business name contain details of your business

One of your business goals is to become one of the most renowned international businesses but the honest truth is that it’s not as easy as that.

There are a lot businesses that are far ahead of you and you may not get to that goal in a short time but having a business name that speaks for you even when you are not physically there will help your business in a great deal.

As a result of this, most businesses have their names represent what they do. For example a food restaurant could bear the name foodie palace.

It tells potential customers that they can find their meal there.

4. Keeping the length of your business name moderate

If you are told to pronounce different words, i’m sure you’ll find the words that are shorter compared to the ones that aren’t.

This same idea is present when choosing a business name.

The length of the name matters so as to register in the mind and head of the potential customers.

Apart from the fact that it will register with the customers, it also makes business cards easy to create because it helps to optimize the space created for the name of thr business to fit in properly.


Registering your business name

Once you have a name in mind, you need to register it on time to avoid it being taken.

Registering your business name secures it from being taken.

Incorporating your business name on a federal platform gives it a federal protection.

This is done by giving your name a form of trademark that makes it stand out TV and unique from other businesses and brands.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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