4 Top-notch lucrative business ideas to venture in


Everybody wants to be wealthy, everybody wants to do something lucrative, but what do you need to get that done ? You need an idea to start with.

Here are some lucrative ideas to start with although they are not limited to what you will be having here.


A freelance copywriter is someone who carries out various tasks such as SEO strategies, landing pages, editorial contents, Marketing, social media, product descriptions, press releases and many more.

From the above, you can see the enormous virtues embedded in being a freelance copywriter.

For a more detailed explanation, you can have this below.

1. Social Media Manager for a small business. Write posts to generate sales for the business using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.

2. Direct Response Marketing for a local business is basically sending emails and/or letters to the previous customers of your client to generate sales and income.

3. You can also design brochures for your client or send out weekly or monthly newsletters via email.

4. You can get work in a Not For Profit Organization or charity. They always need help reaching supporters and getting donations and funding.

5. Look for editing or proofreading projects. There are businesses that will hire you more as a second set of eyes than as an actual writer.

6. Your local hair salon or day spa may need a copywriter to write ads for them or even write blog posts for their website.

7. Create promotional packages or sales packages for businesses in your area. They give a business a lot of exposure and you can make a decent income doing this.


This is also a very lucrative idea to start. Although with blogging you have to be very very very patient because when starting at first you most likely will get discouraged.

This sense of discouragement is mostly caused by factors such as not getting the traffic you intend to get or not being approved by google for adsense .

You need to look beyond that when starting your blog, pick a niche you enjoy talking about so you don’t get fed up or run out of ideas of what to write

One other thing to avoid to be successful in your blog is to be disciplined in the frequency of posting, you have to post as often as possible to fully enjoy the benefits of blogging.


This is yet another breakthrough idea, it involves alot of computing skills like coding,back end ,etc

If you are well skilled in those relevant computing areas, then why not jump into app developing. It’s the market for the future so why not harness it now.


Being a website flipper is so so cool, you don’t have to be skilled in app development tho, all you need to do is find a potential website,buy it, improve it and sell it.

That’s all its about.

Am sure i have been able to feed you in on some lucrative ways to generate money through your ideas.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.


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