4 Ways to Experience Changes in your Marketing Business


Carrying out marketing business can be very stressful especially in this day and age with little space to rest and high competition

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be sharing with you 4 tips to experience positive changes in your marketing business.

As much as marketing can be very difficult, it’s still a very lucrative job position and it’s something you can also succeed in provided you know the right things to do.

To be a good marketer, you need to focus on the things that matter and while you are it, try to put the maximum effort you can put on the job.

Below are few of the ways to go about experiencing positive changes in your marketing approach.

1. Focus on Tendering

As much as a good marketing can be if the customers are not taken care of, they will wander away.

Use the example of a sheep and the shepherd. For a shepherd to have lots of sheep (followers), there’s the need for adequate food supply among many other things.

The same repeats itself in the marketing world, marketing isn’t just bringing potential customers to buy a product or to use a service. It’s also to ensure that those customers are put through the process of buying the product or using the service.

You can even go the extra mile of getting feedback from them to know their opinion about the product or service and where the manufacturer can improve on.

2. Optimize the little you have

When marketing,  you don’t have to long for a lot of channels to pass your message but if you have the opportunity of that you can use it wisely.

For most startups, they are only exposed to a number of channels which aren’t money consuming and to be honest, it’s actually a good thing because you will be able to focus well on those few channels and optimize them.

3. Be clear while passing your message

Every marketing campaign has at least a message, have that in mind.

For every message, your marketing campaign has to be clear for that message to be understood.

For a business in the architectural industry, a marketing campaign has to specify which aspect of architecture the business is centered in.

Due to the short attention span of individuals today, you need to make your marketing campaign short, powerful and concise.

While doing all of that,  make it easy for potential customers to understand your message.

4. Implement Sturgeon’s law to your marketing.

This law is also an efficient way to boost your marketing success . Learning about this law and implementing it can make your marketing take a new different look and outcome.

This law is simply put” 90% of everything is rubbish “. It’s the honest truth because most of the people you are sending your messages to are not seeing the value.

You just need to refine it and shape it into what the customers need to know about your product and how it can be of benefit to them. Also, this Sturgeon law will assist you while preparing your emails, posts and every other marketing approach you use.

With that done, you can then start seeing positive changes in your marketing campaigns.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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