4 Ways to keep updated with Technology in your Business


In this day and age, virtually every business needs technology to survive due to the series of advancement in the technology space and the effect it has on on businesses.

The day to day activities in a business such as tracking transactions, paying of bills, computing, calling and so many other things are all lined up in technology.

To ensure you have an edge over your other businesses, leveraging on the influence of technology will grow your business really fast.

Below are the four things to always note of when in business.

1. Always know your needs.

I said needs because most people confuse needs with wants. Wants are what you think you require but needs are actually what is important to have.

One virtue you need to have a successful business is patience.

Once you have that virtue, you can actually take time out to brainstorm on what your business need. Let’s assume you are in the media and marketing niche where new advertising platforms come up every now and then, you need to know to come up with ways to leverage on the new platforms.

Once you have chosen the platforms to use, you can then draft out a plan to test how effective the new discovery is and how you can optimize it for maximum result.

You also need to take into account the cost at which it would require you to run with the new technology.

When you can fully identify your needs, you can be more than sure to know how to start because 50% of any problem is solved when the real cause of that problem is known.

2. Check out available resources

Once you have identified your needs, you have to check your business to find out what you have in terms of your resources. One of the resources could be the available labour force you have.

Another resource could be the facilities you have in place to embrace and explore new inventions.

Let’s assume there’s a new software that needs an application to run it. To use the software,  you have to buy it but before buying, i recommend you check if you have the right application to run the software before buying into it.

3. Scale the resources

As much as you have the available resources to get the best out of every technological innovation, you need to set up a scale of preference. This will tell you how important some of the resources are when using them.

Some resources are not used for some certain situations, when you are able to identify that , you can then know how to enforce those resources for maximum output.

Also, you could have two or more resources that perform the same task but when you look deeply, you will realize that one or more of those resources can actually do more than that task on that project.

What i mean is that you can also use it for another task in the same project. This helps you save costs and also time.

4. Engage with your resources

When you have chosen the resources you want to work with, ensure you use them and don’t abuse them.

When i said abuse,  i meant using the under-using it. There are a lot of technologies in this present day and age that most people still don’t know that it performs some certain task for them.

Take the Microsoft office for example, what a high percentage of people know about it is just the basic things like creating documents,  formatting documents,  creating presentations, calculating and many more.

What they do not know is that there are a lots of features to be explored there and they could actually get results from using it rather than purchasing another software to do the same job.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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