5 Best ways of Finding a good Property Manager


As a business owner and also owning chains of properties, you need someone to manage those properties for you due to your tight schedule or due to the fact that it’s not in your area of expertise.

There are qualities you look forward to in both your tenants and your property manager and those qualities will inform how you will appoint them in.

Let’s say you don’t k ow how to go about the whole process or selecting a property manager, don’t worry because you are in the right place.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be talking about ways of finding and selecting a good property manager. Sit tight, read carefully so you don’t leave any detail out and put to practical use.

1. Perform a personal online search for property managers

It doesn’t matter if you have a property manager in view or your friend seems qualified or you got a person referred to you, all of that doesn’t matter.

If what you want is really of great importance to you then you can go the extra mile of getting more information about property managers online.

There are different platforms like T-Rex Global, AllPropertyManagement and so on for you to check out to find property management companies around your vicinity and the ones also suitable for your property size.

Once you have gotten some names of companies through your research, then you can further check our their legibility on platforms like Facebook or Yelp for reviews about those companies.

2. Get sources to refer you to property managers

This is also a very good way of getting the best out of the best.

You can leverage property owners in your locality or network to find out who handles their property and how they can get in touch with the best person for the job or better still meet estate agents directly for the contacts of people they trust for the job.

One downturn about referrals is that it can be biased that is why it is advised to make several researches about the ones you have been given.

3. Check out the current property they are managing

One way to fully believe a property manager about his potency of work is to actually check out the current jobs they handle.  This will give you a preview of how your property will be handled.

There are questions to be asked regarding finding the right person for the job and some of these questions are as follows.

  • Are the adverts for vacancies done well?
  • Are the properties cleaned and maintained well?
  • Is the building quiet and serene?
  • Do the occupants feel that their complaints are being addressed well?


4. Have a discussion with the property manager

This is more or less like an interview, you shouldn’t just employ the first candidate you see or meet, try to find out about him or her, know the person and examine if you can trust that individual well enough to give out your property to him or her.

This is a way of sieving out the men from the boys which means it helps you know those that have a concrete plan and strategy to back it up and those that don’t. It also helps to know those that are passionate about it or just want to do it for the money alone.

Some of the things to ask could  be their past experiences and backgrounds, where they schooled, how they charge for their services, any bad event that occurred during their work and how they resolved it.

5. Ensure they have a license to work with

Your favorite person for the job may not be legally certified to do that job, therefore you need to ensure that the person you employing has the license to do the work he or she is meant to do.

Some of the certification to acquire includes

  • National Apartment Association ( NAA )
  • Community Associations Institute ( CAI )


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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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