5 bureaucracy challenges small businesses face


As a small business starter, you will often see businesses fail due to several reasons like mis-management of funds, poor decisions, inadequate capital, poor advertisement among others.

At the source of every bureaucracy challenge in a business is always the decision makers. Everything that happens in the business is largely dependent on the decisions made by the people in authority.

Hi everyone  my name is Timileyin and in this article i will be talking about the bureaucracy challenges small businesses face and how they can be resolved.

Most business starters have the mentality of being their own boss and not having to answer to anyone.

But in the long run they get too overwhelmed about the fact that they need to do a lot of work and the business ends up running them instead of the other way around.

Below are the challenges small businesses face in bureaucracy.

1. There is incoherence with information.

Running a small business deals with alot of stuff such as receipts from purchases, sales information, tax information, among other financial information that connects to your business.

If you cannot account for those information then there’s a problem and this can slow the growth of your business because if opportunities or external challenges come, there are high chances that you won’t be able to handle it.


To solve this issue, try to reduce or totally stop the usage of many platforms for accounting for your expenditure.

This can lead to confusion in the long run when large data is being used.

Using a singular system to track all these record gives the operator the assurance that anything that is needed will surely be found there compared to when a business uses many platforms to account for activities, it leads to confusion.

2. You are held down processing documents.

If you aren’t careful in accounting for your business, you will end up spending all your valuable time doing just that which could mean that you are just processing document in terms of invoices, tax documents and so on without achieving something more valuable.

But why should you spend that much time doing just that when you can adopt other methods for doing the same job but will not cost you most of your time.

Solution :

Employ digital methods, there are mobile apps that specialises in things like this, leverage on them.

A really good platform is fintech solutions, they can help go about your activity while using your smartphone.

If you can leverage on this, you will realize that most of the jobs you would have spent most of your time doing, you would use them for more profitable things.

3. Filing in busness transactions takes time

Due to the amount of transactions that go by everyday you need to make sure that you aren’t lacking behind in updating them in the register.

To be very honest, doing this alone can take the whole day from you and all the other tasks to be done will be left out, this poses a challenge in terms of workers meeting up to the demands of the business as at when due.

Solution :

In this present day and age, technology has become a help meet when trying to make life easier.

Leverage accounting softwares that can get data from transactions made via credit cards, online transactions like your paypal account among others.

This will ensure that the details of your transactions are automatically inputted into the system for tracking purposes.

4. Confused with what to do with the available data

As much as there are a lot of data being stacked up and there seems to be a little form of arranging, there are times where the available information seems useless to you because you don’t know what to do with the information you have.

Solution :

The use of artificial intelligence in helping you accomplish your tasks in time cannot be overemphasised.

Having the right tools can help you accurately put the right things in place and also help you know how best to use the available data.

5. Using stale information

It is noticed that due to the high volume of data to be analysed, most of the information gotten would have become stale by the time the need arises.

This is what i mean.

In a situation where you have a document that is time bound but you were not able to access it in time and by the time you lay your hands in it, the need formthat document isn’t important anymore.

That particular information becomes stale and not necessary anymore, using that information to carry out that task will most often than not disrupt things for you.

Solution :

When working with data that changes from time to time, be up to date with changes by keeping in touch with real-time data that will ensure you are using the right information at the time needed.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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