5 Delicate Mistakes made when hiring your Employees


As an employer who needs a group of employees to help grow his business, you need to be aware of the likely critical mistakes to avoid when hiring new workers into your business or company.

The reason why i said you need to be aware of the critical mistakes is because there are always mistakes being made and it leads to the wrong person handling certain roles which most times results in undesired output for both the employee and the company at large.

In this article, there are 5 mistakes outlined to avoid in order to have a smooth running of your business activities.

1. Stay away from using over appealing job titles

In the job market, there are tricks companies use to attract employees especially young ones by using job titles like ‘Ninja’ and other words like that.

The truth is that this method of getting employees is very potent in terms of giving results but in the long run it may not be so advisable.

The reason is that when most people see those highly appealing tags, they most likely won’t take it seriously and when they get into the job they won’t perform as expected.

Also another thing to look at here is that when job titles are made too over appealing, they don’t tend to pass across in full detail what their roles would be and since the prospecting employees were made to look forward to those appealing titles, they fail to put in mind what they need to do to ensure good work productivity.

2. Stop bailing on candidates

What this means is when you as an employer after having an interview session with a candidate decides to become nonchalant about the status of such a candidate especially when you know such a candidate didn’t make it through your selection process.

This shouldn’t be because just as we know, the world is a global village and the way you treat people whether employees or not will tell on the perception others in your field and also other fields will have on your company as regarding your hiring process.

3. Try to distinguish employer branding from company culture

One major part of a hiring process is to make your aspiring employees familiar with the company’s culture but that shouldn’t be everything.

The employer branding should be a more detailed process in that it is broader because it should include virtually everything which includes what the words in your job description means, and other programs you can benefit from.

One other ways to avoid making mistakes when trying to hire is to always look into the reviews of people that may have been through your recruitment process either verbally or in the recruitment portal if that exists.

4. Avoid trying looking for ‘the one’.

As soon as you post a job opportunity and people start sending in their documents, you will realize that most people would start applying but the thing is you can hardly find an all-rounder.

Having known that, you shouldn’t expect to get the person that fits in all the description you want but you can always work your ways to ensuring that such a person fits that role.

You shouldn’t aim for the ideal people for the job because they are not in existence yet instead find a relatively perfect substitute that may not fit into all the task and roles of what you have of all the images you have but someone who can still perform to a satisfactory level.

5. Avoid time wasting

At the planning stage of the interview, it is important to ascertain the number of candidates you will be hiring as this gives you a sense of target. This will also give you the privilege to schedule your interview into sessions depending on the numbers considered for an interview among others.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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