5 investment Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in real estate


Real estate has always been one of the most enticing options for investment. The relative stability makes it a good option for the accumulation of assets and can produce exponential income when done well.

Due in large part to the decline in supply and very low mortgage rates, the housing market benefited in 2019. Experts say the trend is expected to continue, so that property is definitely the place to look at for businessmen and investors who are seeking to make significant money. Five ways to easily and profitably enter the market are available here.

1.        Real Estate Mutual Funds

You can select mutual funds that invest in general, or select one that is focused on a particular type of investment. Real estate mutual funds restrict their business to property trading and other related businesses, meaning they will benefit from the sector’s profitability trend.

Consider its track record and methodology when making a decision as to which fund to put your money into. Just because two funds style themselves as mutual funds for real estate doesn’t mean they have the same rules for investment. Choose one whose investing strategies you are secure in has regularly made a profit. Keep in mind the fees too–lower is better, but be sure that quality is not sacrificed.

2.       Real Estate Investment Trusts

The main difference is how much control an individual investor is. If you are an practical investor, you should consider REIT. We have options that you can buy as many or few as you want on the basis of your quality forecast.

In its overall portfolio, mutual funds invest in REIT but decisions on which investments they are expected to undertake remain in the hands of funds managers. Keep on the REITs traded publicly; private ones may promise better returns, but far less supervision and hence more risk exists.

3.       Short-Term Rentals

You knew the coming of this, right? Leasing property has always been one of the safe ways to earn real estate money as long as the basics are correct. Whether you build homes or renew your property, the rental will generate a steady income that you can either reinvest in or use in the business.

The conventional rental model is still possible, though, as opposed to short-term providers such as Airbnb. In fact if your estate is in a holiday destination, you can often charge a premium. “The good thing is that you can employ a property manager to handle all aspects of the operation,” said Morgan Akchehirlian, CEO of Co-Host Company. “In short-term rentals, there’s a ton of opportunity, and I think once people see them, they’re going to jump at them.”

4.       Investments in businesses based on the real-state

Often, as they say, not the miners are the ones who make the most money, but the traders who sell pickaxes. For example, many startups use AI, machine learning, and other frontline technologies to deliver services to real estate firms, homeowners, and other stakeholders— and kill while doing so.

If you have an idea for a property company, it’s a good time to start up now. By investing in a promising company, you can also go an indirect way. As always, you should do your due diligence and make sure that the business model is workable and that your money, time and effort is returned in good time.

5.       Information from the real estate

Essentially, this is you picking up a debt owing to a landlord and then claiming it. As these are usually sold on distressed properties where payment defaults have occurred, you are likely to purchase notes at a deeply discounted price. The options are to either prevent the payments from being restructured or to work with the householder.

Fast, high-profit investors can take the shorter and only foreclose route (in compliance with the contracts and relevant laws and regulations), but many people also take a longer view and focus on debt restructuring in such ways as to facilitate discharge for their homeowners. This journey may take longer and not make as many gains, but it remains more stable and also helps people in need while making investments and earning money.


Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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