5 Mistakes You Must Not Make Again As An Entrepreneur


Starting a business and growing it to be successful can be a difficult thing to do as an entrepreneur and while we go about it, there are some lessons or mistakes you learn from by experience while some it’s through learning from other people’s mistakes or lessons.

My advice is for you to learn from other people’s mistakes or lessons, that way you have an idea of what to avoid and the opportunities to take.

If you are just starting up your business or currently in a business, you need to be aware of some important mistakes to avoid.

The first is


This is one of the commonly practiced trend in the business or entrepreneurial world. I know there’s a popular saying that says of you do what successfully people do you will generate the same results, but when you receive any advice about how to grow your business,  check it’s relevance to your business first then if it’s relevant to you, make a deep research on into find out how to correctly go about it.

The sad thing would be to act upon an information picked up randomly especially those on hearsay. The reason is that most of those information are not valid and even if they are valid, they have their wrongs.

The second is


One other thing most entrepreneurs do especially in the early life of their business is that they place lower value on themselves.

While placing prices on your services or product, you should ensure you don’t down price your value when trying to pitch your business.

Your aim should always be to get paid for what you worth and not less, if you know what you are doing and you are a pro at it, the right customers will come.


Don’t make the mistake of giving less value to yourself just because you want to please your customers ,if your customers really know your worth and the worth of service you provide, they will most definitely give you what you deserve.


The third is




A while back, one of the prominent ways of promoting your business was by taking free consultation calls but in this day and age information are disseminated through various platforms like blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos and many more.

These platforms now generates money for the owners either through traffic or downloads because time is money as the common saying goes.


The reason for this actions is that many people don’t value things when they are free but if it costs them something then they will really see the value and appreciate it.


The fourth is




One way to lose focus is to always give hear to everyone’s comment. A wise man said that if you are concern with every stone thrown at you, you will never reach your goal.


In my tribe, it is said that when you enter a market, do not pay attention to the crowd instead pay attention to what you are there to buy.


These two sayings are hinged on the term focus. It’s good to listen to advice especially from people who have gone ahead of you or those who you feel you can learn from but when those advice are beginning to send negative messages to you and is also affecting your productivity, then it’s time to stop taking advice from them.


One of the tricks they use mostly is to tell you how they suffered in one area of their business and how it had a major setback on them and also how it would inevitably affect your business, all you need to do is to ignore them and spend your time and energy on your work to guarantee result.


The fifth is




In this day and age, there are more sources of distraction known to man than in the ancient times due to the advent of technology, social media among other numerous things.


The path to remain focused is to keep to your schedule, and gaining command of your time while learning and understanding your business and what works for you.


For some, they lose focus due to failure, they have probably failed in a business idea and feel reluctant to venture into another one which means that they don’t give their all to towards that cause. Well the thing about entrepreneurship is that it’s the fall that makes you stronger, not that it’s a good thing to fail at something but it’s a pointer to the fact that you did something.


Just start up again, putting the pieces together and head on again, try avoiding those pot holes you didn’t see the previous time and be diligent at it.


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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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