5 Reasons why your business cards holds great value


Business cards is one of the most powerful tools for making your business successful.

In as much as technology has taken over the entrepreneurial world, Business cards still holds great value as it serves as a platform for advertisement.

A number of places where your business cards can useful are scenarios like during seminars, conference meetings, trade fairs. You can’t be everywhere at once and due to that business cards are indispensable.

Some of the key reasons why your business cards would be of great value to still make use of are as follows :

1. It’s an effective direct Marketing tool

As a business person, you cannot depend solely on online marketing tools.

For instance, you have a meeting with another company for the first time and the meeting is more or less like getting a contract.

You need your business cards to keep yourself in the minds of the people you had the meeting with.

When you make your cards available to them during the meeting, it gives you a higher chance of getting the contract because they can always refer to your brand whenever you aren’t there and they can also reach you through your contact channels on your card if need be.

2. Low cost effective

To have a business card even as a startup, you don’t have to worry because the cost.

A basic business card shouldn’t cost much and it must also have the basic contents needed for it to be understood by just anyone.


3. Cultural value

In some parts of the world, business cards are held in high esteem and as such, it’s integral to leverage on that to get the attention of your potential audience.

Also people see businesses with business cards as more legitimate than those who don’t have.

4. Instills Trust within customers.

Just as I mentioned in the previous point that businesses with business cards are seen as more legitimate than those who don’t have. This claim is true for every business and market.

Even investors take that into consideration whenever a there’s a need for investing.

5. Get referrals

One of the main qualities of business cards is the ability for it to get referrals from people that have used the product in time past.

Business cards are more or less hooks or baits to keep drawing people to your business services and product.

When you give a potential client your business card and the person uses your business product or service and enjoys it there are high tendencies that such an individual will tell others to use your product by sharing the card you gave them at first.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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