5 Reasons your Student Loans should be cleared early


Virtually every student graduate with loans that are yet to be paid back.

This affects a lot of things negatively but with the right knowledge on how to go about things you can be assured that there won’t be any issue.

One of the things you are most likely pondering on is whether to add your student loans to your debt payment plan or you should just pay it off as soon as you can do so.

This article will help you decide well.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this article i will be writing on 5 reasons why your student loans should be paid as early as possible.

1. Reduce your debt to income ratio

From mathematics, this means that the debt will be in a lower proportion compared to your income. Paying up your student loans gives you the opportunity to experience that.

Once that has been achieved, you can then notice that there isn’t too much demand on your income with respect to your debt and you can have the privilege of investing in other areas of your life like housing, buying a car and so on.

The lower your debt, the more money you tend to accumulate.

2. Think about tax break

Most student think their loans should be pended until a tax break shows forth which is a very good reason but you shouldn’t forget the fact that it’s only a particular amount  that will be subtracted every year but this amount starts to drop as the years go by.

It is better to pay off your student loans as early as possible and not waiting for a tax break to do it because if you do you will still end up paying more than you should.

3. What’s the value of that student loan?

Imagine having to pay your student loans every month on and on, you will realize that it will or is affecting other areas of your life.

You tend to lose money indirectly but if you clear your student loans as early as you can, you won’t have to think about them or include them in your budget every month.

Imagine you made an investment in a mutual fund, you will notice that most if not all of your earnings go into this student loan debt you refuse to pay up and you don’t end up using your mutual funds earnings.

Imagine that you have settled your debts and you intend to take up any ptoject say to buy a house or a car or even start a business, you will realize that you can conveniently do that because there are no debts to pay or extra bills to clear.

The bottomline is that if you don’t clear your student loans very early, there are chances that those debts will hinder you from making vital decisions in terms of your finances.

4. Students loans are almost inevitable

Except you don’t have to get loans for school, but if you do you cannot escape paying back except on some certain health grounds like either being disabled or being dead.

Aside those exceptions, you will have to pay back and why delay on paying back when you know it will cause a stumbling block for you as you move on in your life when you can either save up or work for the money and pay it off once and for all.

5. Don’t give yourself mental stress because of the debt to pay

It is often realized that a lot of people kill themselves before their time due to the volume of debt to pay up.

Worrying has never and will never solve any problem instead what you need to do is to strategically sit and think about how to pay for youe debt and work towards it.

It might take a while but eventually you will get there and clear it.

Don’t ever worry about the debt so much that you can be productive to yourself and to your environment.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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