When thinking of getting problems solved or looking for new ideas to work on as entrepreneurs, there are several techniques to adopt that can land you that desire you have long been craving for.

Engaging in several techniques will not only help you in putting your ideas well, it will also help you address challenges that your business may be facing and provide solutions.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be talking about 5 different techniques you can adopt as an entrepreneur to solve challenges you may be facing or idea generation.

1. Begin with questions

One of the basic ways to generate new ideas is by asking questions.

Now idea generation can come in diverse ways either by observation or through learnt skill but to actually get the right idea for the kind of audience you want, the best approach is to ask them questions pertaining to areas where they would love an intervention in.

Having known that, you can then figure out the right idea for the amount of people you need and how to go about it.

When asking questions, don’t forget to ask the 6 basic questions which are the

  • Who’s
  • Why’s
  • Where’s
  • What’s
  • How’s
  • When’s

2. Adopt the use of mind maps

This approach has been practiced in early times and it’s always used when you want to engage the mind in in-depth research and thinking.

There are steps to follow when adopting this method. The steps is as follows

  • Begin with an image,word or question at the middle of the page
  • Draw a line from that middle area and add a word, idea or question. You can have as many of those as you want.
  • From those you drew from the middle area, draw a line or lines and input words or phrases relating to the concept where the line is coming from
  • Keep drawing those lines and add new concepts as ideas keeps rolling in.

3. Engage in word mapping

This is a bit similar to mind mapping, here you write down all the things associated with what you are looking for.

For example let’s say your business name, try and write down keywords relating to what you intend to accomplish in your business.

Let’s say it’s a restaurant business, you can pick words like the kind of dishes you intend to sell, their cultural meaning among many other factors. You can then get ideas that can give you what you want.


4. Don’t leave the SWOT analysis out

A SWOT analysis is always done to ascertain some key factors in a business which are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

As an entrepreneur,  you need a detailed research on this areas so as to know the state of health of your business

Some of these factors are caused by external forces while the rest are caused by internal forces. The opportunities and threats are caused by external forces while strengths and weaknesses are caused by internal forces.

A more detailed explanation can be looked through by going to this link :

5. Take time out to out yourself in the customer’s seat

When you want to make a great product, you do not make decisions or take actions based on your own perspective.

You need to know how those decisions and actions will affect the end users.

One way to do that is by putting yourself in their shoes. This will give you a feel about how it is and will also help you in adjusting some things that needs to be adjusted for your customers to have a good time with your product or service.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.


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