5 things that are more important than making money


As entrepreneurs, it is important to bring money into the company and your team members, who rely on you for their livelihood, not to spend too much time or energy on your company.

But some matters are more important than money, which is worthless if you neglect them.

1. Faith

Although this cannot be removed, it is not religious faith. The faith of which I speak is the faith that you have in yourself. No matter how good the product or service is without this confidence, you won’t be able to convince your target audience to buy your product.

I saw uncertainty ruin businesses that might have influenced the world. It’s hard to keep the confidence if it seems like everybody you trust is out to get you.

But, if you lose confidence in your business, feel your vision is a little bit or assume that somebody else would do better, you’re gone.

Would you like to do your stuff? You should trust yourself and your organization in every way. You will definitely change how you do things, but you will do that because you believe in and want to do well.

2. Family

You want your kids a better life than they were when you grew up. But if you’re at home, you might be able to hunt for another dollar. Many people would like their wife and children to spoil, but you are the true wishes of your parents.

Being there for them can mean that your workday is so early that everybody else wakes up half of your day.

If your family is waiting for you, you stay overnight at the office not because you are a hard worker. This is because you lack time, productivity and limit setting. You get more money and have more time for your friends if you turn in your patterns and become a true high performer.

3. Health

As an entrepreneur, you spend more time waking up than anyone else. It’s on your shoulders if something goes horribly wrong. That could be negative. You may feel that if you don’t work all day, every day, the business is at risk.

Confide in your employees. Let them do their work, then let them do their jobs. Check that the organization is good. Find new ways to improve it. Get your team input and set up a game plan.

Control what you’re doing all the time. Focus on your cord face. Face on your cable. Get to the fitness center and start your favorite sport.

A strong, sharp mind needs a powerful, sharp body so it can move. You needn’t be a bodybuilder. Set goals, meet them, and then set new ones. You must teach the business to do the same thing.

4. Experiences

You live once and you die. You enjoy once. Around it, there is no way. It makes no sense to sit in an office all day. You have become the boss to live life in its entirety, so you can live it.

Be creative, be random. Take the chance to fly. Meet a person who passes by the town. Some people can impress you with your bank account, but the memories and life stories enrich your life and touch people in ways that money can’t.

Life experiences do more than give good stories as an additional bonus. You’re sending you good thoughts. The way you see the world is created. You can be surprised enough to make breakthroughs and solve a problem you have been plagued by for months at work.

5. Heritage

A legacy is the only thing you have to carry with the world when you’re dead and gone. You could leave a loved ones a pile of cash, but that will affect them where you live.

invest Into your legacy as much time and energy as your company. You must not look at your bank account if you are to bring value and happiness to the world

Money makes your wellbeing, culture and family easier to care for. This opens the door to perceptions and lets you preserve a living faith. Yet cash can not substitute any of this, so don’t look to your satisfaction at money. Work hard to make huge sums of money, then use it to live a wonderful life.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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