5 Ways to get rid of Bookkeeping Pain


Bookkeeping has been one of the killers of businesses since time past due to it’s complexity but totally ignoring it can also do more harm than good to your business but what if you were told that something can be done to ease those pain you have towards it

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be discussing with you on ways to get rid of the pain experienced with bookkeeping.

1. Have an Understanding

An understanding of what?, you need to have an understanding of the purpose for which you are performing this activity. Just as the famous Dr. Miles Munroe often say ” when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable “.

Bearing that in mind, you should ask yourself certain questions before you launch into keeping records of the affairs of a business. Questions like, why should i go into taking accounts of the affairs of a company?

The question stated in the above paragraph is a good one but not as important as understanding the importance of keeping records of the affairs of a business, knowing how the life of a business rest on the state if the book.

Having a good financial and business record will ensure that your business never goes down because you will be aware of what’s happiness in the business and how to tackle situations that may arise due to the available resources you have presently.

2. Revising the reports

As much as a business needs to carry out the screening exercise, it is found stressful to many and due to that such businesses give out those tasks to companies to help them.

As an private contractor whose job is to help with a company’s affairs documentation, it is best to always revise the reports not only among yourselves but more importantly the business in question.

If that can be achieved, it is most certain that the businesses in question will have little to think of when it comes to keeping records of the affairs of the company.

3. Take your time

As much as time is essential in a business, you also need to consider the effect of having a faulty record on that business.

Doing this task can be very strenuous and time consuming but trust me it’s worth it but to efficiently do it, you need to come up with an approach and a really good one at that.

An approach to try out could be taking each process bit by bit.

Do not rush on the task even though time is of the essence.

Take your time as much as you have at hand and slot each phase of the task into those period of time you need .

Before you realize it you would have already gone in-depth with the task and you might as well finish in no time provided you are focused.

4. Go tech

In this present times and seasons, there are a lot of ways to make life easier for you so instead of locking yourself up in a room or office trying to carry out these screening exercises, you can leverage on the advantage of the presence of technology.

You can utilize tools like a couple of accounting software among many others that can be of help to you and your team.

5. Hire an expert

Having tried all these methods stated above and nothing seems to be working then i think it’s high time you hired a professional,  someone who can actually get the job done without laying any complains.

Although it may cost you money but getting someone for the job can and will also help save time for you to focus on other areas of the business.

Thank you for reading this piece of content

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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