5 Ways to make Extra Money even on a Full time Job


Are you among the numbers who have issues managing your money? Do you feel the stress thinking about how to spend the salary given to you from your job? Well one good answer to all these is to find means of earning extra income or money irrespective of how your job is.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be discussing with you on the 5 different ways to make extra money while on a full time job.

In other to make a fire fiercer, you need to add either wood or any combustible raw material or hydrocarbon  (petrol or kerosene ). The same goes for making extra money, the level of money you want is determined by how much is imputed in it.

Provided you are on a full time job, here are some of the ways to make cool money.

1. Start a business that offers service

One of the ways to fulfill that aim of making extra money on a full time job is to start a service business, i said a service business because it doesn’t require so much detail when trying to set it up.

All you need do is to talk to potential clients about what you do and how you can be of assistance to them. So while on your full time job you can also have a time carved out for that but one thing that can make that work smoothly is if the service you’re rendering happens to be a hobby to you.

2. Venture into real estate

As a full-time employee of a company, you definitely won’t get the time to start bothering your head about how to manage clients and customers. One thing you can do is to venture into real estate.

Find a land or an estate suitable to you, buy it at a cheap price, wait for it to appreciate due to the developments in that area then sell it at a much higher price.

3. Set up an online course

As you go about your job activities, there are skills you will learn along the way, skills could be managerial skills, financial skills, technical skills name it.

Once you have learnt those skills you can then create an online platform where people can be educated by you on those areas and the process you get paid.

Those online courses are always in the format of an e-book, boot-camp or video course.

4. Going the Amazon way

Launching a business website is always kind of a big deal for most entrepreneurs and it requires you doing a lot of run around but because you have a full time job on your hands, you won’t be able to fill in those responsibility yourself.

What you can do is to leverage on other people to bring customers to you to buy from you without you even seeing it. It’s a brilliant approach to business especially when you have a lot of tasks on your plate.

5. Property leasing

This is also an opportunity for you to further grow your income stream, this idea is about looking for platforms in which you can lease a property. The property could be a room, an office space or your entire building.

A good suggestion could be to lease your entire house provided you are going on a vacation with your family for a period of time. That way, money can still be flowing in your account as you spend time with your family while away.

I know you may have already tried one or two of what i have written but i’m sure you haven’t tried all. Entrepreneurship is about taking risks and the risk could be on the money imputed into the business or the time invested on the business or the sacrifice made. At the end it will be worth all the pain trust me.

Thank you so much for staying till this moment to read this piece of writing.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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