5 Ways to overcome burnouts and increase productivity


As an entrepreneur, overcoming burnouts is one thing to take seriously as having a mindset of being productive, you need to know how to manage it and also increase your productivity.

Irrespective of how we feel either emotionally or physically, the work has to keep moving for growth to be achieved that’s why it is imperative to know tips that can help you manage the stress better.

The joy of every business person is to succeed in the business obviously but more importantly to be able to balance work with their lives perfectly. That is why this post has been written to help you maximize your time in terms of work and personal life and not getting burned out.

Below are the tips to overcome burnouts and increase productivity

1. Establish a balance for yourself

Every individual is unique in his own way and  finding that uniqueness is what makes such person enjoy life.

As an entrepreneur,  there is no doubt that you will always have to battle with balance every now and then but what you should realize is that for each individual and phase in life and business there are different approaches to it.

This is what i mean by different approaches, when you are just starting off your business there may not be as much stress as the one you will face when your business goes global. This means that you need to define what balance means to you and how well you can achieve that balance.

2. Learn to say NO

As an entrepreneur,  learning the habit of saying no can save you from a lot of trouble and stress.

When an offer comes to you or a request and you don’t have the time or resources to do it, it is wise for you to decline such requests. If you take it upon yourself to carry such tasks, there are high chances you will end up under-performing and burned out.

3. Try to do more other than working

This is what i meant by the heading, when you have more physical activity in your schedule than your actual work then you are definitely not going to be productive.

When you have series of meetings and running arounds on your plate, you will end up not finishing that task you were assigned to do.

What to do instead is to plan your schedule for each day, take note of the meetings you have and their duration, note the important ones to be in and those that aren’t important then once you have filtered that out you can then go for the most important ones and utilize the extra times for your other tasks and also rest as you carry them out.

4. Start each day with a goal

Just as i stated in the previous point that you need to plan your schedule, you also need to align your goals for the day and follow your plan.

When starting off your day, it is wrong to make your priority to be to check out your inbox messages and and phone calls.

I’m not saying checking your inbox and mails isn’t good but what i’m saying is that they shouldn’t be the priority at the beginning of your day.

5. Set your boundaries and be known for it

As an entrepreneur you need to have your boundaries and stick to it.

You don’t have to be unnecessarily strict with it but at the same time don’t try to compromise them for frivolities.

As much as you have rules that help you make decisions, you shouldn’t be held bent on them, you can lay those boundaries down when you realize a colleague needs

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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