5 Ways to Prepare for Growth and Success in business


Most business owners want growth and success in their enterprises but the real question to ask is “Are you prepared for that growth even as you go about your business?”.

You can’t just dream for your business to growth and experience the changes you want to see without actually putting the required work and also not preparing for it.

A wise man once said and I quote, “You cannot experience a future you are not prepared for “.

Therefore to see that change you want, there are a lot of things to prepare for but I will be discussing on 5 of them in this article. Therefore I implore you to take your time as you read every word in here and apply it to your everyday life.

1. Define what growth should be for you and your Company

Before you build a house you must first count the cost. In this scenario what this means is simply what growth and success represents to you and how to identify it when it comes.

Growth is more than just hitting some number of sales among other things but instead it’s meant to be an embodiment of a lot of things that cuts across your business operations, production, staffing and facilities.

Also, you should consider this on a personal level, what does it means to you as a person even as your business grow. What are the things your life will have to start experiencing and how can you prepare for that change. You should also access how hard you are going to work to reach those heights set before you.

2. Establish a Cordial relationship with your investors.

As a business person, there are key factors that determine the sustainability of your business and you need to clearly identify them so as to know where to exert more energy.

One of the important factors is the people who fund your business by this I mean your investors, partners and so on.

I said this because as a business owner who is about to grow the capacity of his business, more funds will obviously be required and there may not be adequate cash to fund such project and to take such step.

When this happens, one of your best options is to use investors especially when family and friends are not in the position to assist as much as it’s required.

Also, funding may not be all you need to scale up your business. Expertise is also required and connections. With your investors, you can leverage on the connections and expertise they have at their disposal.

Having known this, you can then see how important it is to maintain a good relationship with your investors and partners.

3. Get Comfortable being in the face of everyone.

Every successful entrepreneur in his or her industry would most often times get into the faces of the masses because a lot of things would bring them together. Having known this you need to get prepared for times like that.

You can experience growth and success through that because as long as they constantly see you, you will always register an image in their head and you then become an authority in that field.

4. Hire people you know can see the future you see

I’m not talking about spiritual stuff but instead I’m talking about your future plans in your business. Employ people that believes and see your company hitting that benchmark at that said period.

When people like that are employed, there will be no external push to work, most of the energy will be from within and with that the business can flourish.

Also, when setting up a team you need to be aware that the level of grit a multi-million dollar company will have will be far different from that of a hundred dollar company.

When that mindset has been planted you can then use that to determine who stays on your team and who doesn’t.

5. Show some reward

Inasmuch as you have good workers with great mind and spirit working for you, you need to show them that you care about them because whatever happens or is happening to them can also affect their delivery at work.

Therefore it is essential that you once in a while throw a gathering or a meeting to find out how they thing your company can treat them better either in terms of cash or in kind.

Also you should make your door opened to any form of comment or complain and be readily available to help.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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