6 common Time Management Mistakes to avoid in business


Have you ever wondered why you put in so much effort into a particular task and you realize that you spend most of that time there and eventually have little to no time on other areas of your business.

You need to understand some of the time management mistakes to avoid in business.

Once you have that figured out, you will definitely end up performing better at your job.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this article i will be giving you 6 common time management mistakes to avoid in business.

Trust me this article is the one you have long been waiting for.

Below are the mistakes to take note of.

1. Not accepting that you have an issue

One quick and easy way to fail is not accepting that you have a challenge to overcome indirectly, pride sets in and you fail to listen to your intuition that you need to solve this issue.

For every business person, time is a very valuable asset and it must not be joked with.

Someone said whosoever you spend your time with, you are spending your life with them.

Therefore choose wisely how you spend your time especially during working hours.

Once you are able to identify the problem which in this case is the excessive time spent on unproductive activities and thereby depriving you from achieving your goal for that period, you can then know how to tackle it so as to get your desired outcome.

2. Failing to do the necessary planning

Before embarking on any project in business, not only business but in general you need to count the cost first.

This means you need to sit back and make the adequate planning necessary for the project to fly.

Do not just think because a previous project went in a particular way the next one should go that way too, things happen and that can change how things tend to operate.

Having known the importance of time management in business, a proper plan is therefore required to avoid mistakes in delivery

For example, a busy business person who works round the clock and doesn’t have time for basic things like taking care of his laundry and other stuff.

What you need do is to forgo a little amount to do those basic tasks for you like washing your laundries, ironing your clothes, polishing your shoes among others.

Doing this will help you save time and also help you channel your energy to more productive work.

3. Using a scale of preference

When trying to manage time, you need to ensure that the most important things are done first.

This is to make sure that the pressing needs are met first and also doing the most tasking job first before moving to the less tasking ones.

What you need to do should be more important to what tou want to do because most of the time what we need to do holds great value to us achieving success than what we want to do.

When you have that mindset, it can help you priotize and mames your judgement or decisions better.

4. Taking the whole work on

Due to the nature of man, we tend to assume we can do anything we want or need to do so far we have the skill, well it’s true but not in all cases.

When you have tons of job to do and you know you have capable hands- i mean other people that can also do a good number of those tasks, it is best to delegate some of those tasks to them.

If you take a survey of the period of time it will take for that task to be completed by you only versus when you give a number of it out to people, you will realize that it costs you less time when you give other some of the tasks to other people to help you out with.

5. Starting your day way early

One of the tricks to reduce the time lost at work is waking up earlier than you should.

You may feel it’s not related to this article but trust me it’s one of the salient reasons why most entrepreneurs succeed in business.

Let’s reason this out, imagine you wake up from bed at around 4am but you normally get your say started by 5am, what you can do is to use that 1 hour gap to do the basic stuff you need to do like checking your mails, replying messages among others.

The idea is to use that period to take care of any potential distraction you likely face during the day.

6. Avoid being too rigid

One thing that can destroy a business idea or plan is being too rigid with it.

When you have a plan or a routine, try to put some flexibility in it.

Change is one constant thing that is inevitable and when such happens, you may have to change some things in your routine or strategy.

Failure to do such can lead to a potential loss of valuable time and resources.

Therefore be sensitive to the appearance of changes in your business.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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