6 Ways To Increase your Business Marketing Approach


Constantly thinking of how to be creative in your marketing approach for your business can be quite tasking and difficult .

Also, you may not be able to meet up to your marketing demands due to the pressure of always being creative in your approach thereby reducing the efficiency of your outcomes.

There are ways to spark up your marketing approach effortlessly, these ways are as following.


Getting a new location for your business, preferably a more conducive environment can help improve your marketing approach.

If your marketing team is placed in a very little and rough section of your office, it most likely will lead to your amrketing team not being able to explore all they have and will most often than not reduce their efficiency.

You can always treat them a couple of outings sometimes so they can explore and also imitate some of the things they come across while at the trip.

This way, you can always brain storm with your marketing team to get solutions to some pressing challenges as it relates to your business even if you can’t afford a new building in an entirely different location, the approach stated in the previous paragraph can go a long way in the success of the business.


One good thing about working together on a particular cause is that just one idea is enough to spark up brilliant other ideas from the rest of the group.

Once those ideas are harboured in by everyone, brainstorming sessions can then begin where the team rub minds together as to how best they can deliver so as to generate more profit via their marketing strategy.


Innovation as spoken by William Pollard, he said “Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”

As the quote speaks, for you to experience a change, you have to innovate, there’s no limit to success as long as you constantly innovate and find better ways to carry out your activity.

One other thing to take not of is that , you do not have to be rigid when trying to innovate, try to think outside the box and also break some rules, yes i said it, break some rules.

You do not have to confine yourself or your team in a particular spot when you can exploremore and also converge everything you have learnt into your team’s main aim which is to grow your business revenue through your marketing approach.


This may sound like a trivial approach but it’s far more important than you think.

Once in a while take out things that are taking space in your office section.

Just like i said in the first point i mentioned about a rough section in your office, you need to have a very free workspace void of irrelevances.

Also, on your systems, take out things that are not needed and arrange files, documents and other gadgets appropriately.

It’s been said that people think better when they feel fresh air and when they can lay their hands on whatever they want freely.

One other thing to clear out is past failure and fear, these two are dangerous triggers for inefficiency. They impede room for action.


Most people will most often than not avoid to tell their opinion to the team for fear of being turned down or being looked at in a foolish way and this makes the conversation boring and not fruit bearing.

One thing i’ll advice is for you to change the context and allow people to think randomly and within those seemingly ridiculous ideas, a good one might pop up.

Now to do this you may have to remove boundaries and rules just like i said in the previous tip so as to experience more creativity in play.


While brainstorming on some marketing techniques to adopt, you most certainly will encounter difficult ones and you also need to meet up before the deadline plus you have other jobs to attend to.

The best thing to do is to give it a break.

Now you may be wondering why i said so given that i also said you have a deadline, you cannot achieve much when you are under pressure to do itso the best thing is to leave it and do other jobs the while at it you may get an idea to adopt that can help you out on that difficult job.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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