6 Ways to relate with difficult clients in business


Ever heard this phrase before? ” if you want to make everybody happy don’t be a leader, sell ice-cream” .

Well this saying is more than just true, it’s the fact.

Trying to please your customers a 100% is an uphill task that you can’t seem to overcome due to the insatiable needs of human.

As much as we all need to be professional while relating with clients, it is always difficult to do that when the customers are giving us a hard time.

That’s why this article was writren.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this article will be discussing on 5 ways to relate with difficult clients in business.

1. Listen attentively and be calm

To enjoy the company of your clients even  if they seem to be difficult, one effective way is to be able to listen carefully and doing so calmly so as to ensure the growth of your business

This will make you know exactly what the customers want and it also sends a good vibe to the clients that they can always reach out to you whenever there’s an issue of any sort.

Whenever a client comes in and starts laying complaints, you just need to exercise the attributes of attentive listening.

Doing this will make you filter the main points from those complaints and act on them.

This will help your customer relationship and it also shows professionalism.

2. Identify what the customer holds dearly.

Just as the previous tip says about being calm, it’s still applicable here.

You need to figure out what the customer sees as the most Important thing for him or her.

Identifying the main problem your client is facing will help solve half the problem.

3. Repeat what you heard and laying emphasis on the important parts.

Once the client has laid his or her complaints, you should repeat it back to the client by emphasising on the most important parts so you can make sure that you are addressing the right issue.

Once you repeat it back to the client, you should expect a reply from the client stating his satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

That should give you an indication of whether you understand what the client truly wants.

4. Helping clients whose complaints are not in your niche.

There are clients that just lay complaints randomly and don’t know the right channel to such complaints.

When you come across customers like that don’t get upset because they themselves may not know the right place to go.

It’s your job to help them through the process if finding answers.

Now since you probably have no clue as to what the client wants, you can offer assistance to such a client by directing him or her to the right place where such complaints can be met.

5. Take the blame and fix it.

Since we are all human beings, there are chances that we are capable of making errors at some point.

Once we realize that, we should accept that we made such a mistake and try to fix it.

We should show remorse and apologise, this will give the customer a level of comfort that his or her claim is acknowledged and will be worked on.

Some of the errors are caused by the wrong message received by employee therefore it is important to clarify what the client wants and make adjustments where necessary.

6. Ending business transactions .

It is important to make certain that it’s not all relationships you need to maintain. There are clients that will just give you a hard time no matter how hard you try to please them.

Customers like that, you need to end relationship with them because they can begin to have a negative influence on to your other clients.

But while doing it, ensure you do it professionally and politely.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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