7 key attributes of Financial Bonds in the Corporate World


Bonds are a large part of the financial system and a major capital outlet for the corporate world. Every corporate finance curriculum in the MBA program will therefore expose students to bonds of different depths.

We gave a quick overview of what a student will need in the initial corporate finance program, to learn about bonds and pricing or valuing bonds.

Advanced financial classes can expose participants to advanced bond topics such as length, securities administration, comprehension and analysis, etc.

What are bonds?

A bond is an equity instrument that provides creditors with a regular stream of interest payments at a fixed maturity date to reimburse the principal sum.

An agreement between the buyer and the dealer known as the indenture accounts for the terms and conditions of the loan.

Attributes of a bond

  • Maturity
  • Coupon
  • Put Provision
  • Sinking fund Provision
  • Coupon Rate
  • Face Value
  • Call Provision


1. Maturity

The maturity of a debt is the period until the balance is repayable.  The lifespan of a debt does not generally reach 30 years in the United States.

Often, an undertaking is released with a much longer term, such as the 100-year loan provided by the Walt Disney Corporation in 1993.

Several examples with relationships with an indefinite duration have also been observed; such bonds are called consoles.  The interest is paid indefinitely with a computer, but the balance is never refunded.

2. Coupon

A debt is the dollar value of the bondholders ‘ daily interest paid; this is equivalent to the discount rate plus the bond’s confidence price.

For example, when an issuer of bonds undertakes to give bond holders an annual coupon of 5 percent and the bond’s value is $1,000, the bond holder is promised an annual coupon ($1,000) of 0.05= $50 per annum.

3. Put Provision

Most securities include a clause allowing the buyer to resell the bond to the lender before its maturity at a specified price.

This price is called the price put.

A bond with a clause like this is said to be feasible.

It helps bondholders to profit from the increase in interest rates as the debt can be purchased and added to the initial bond at higher rates.

Since the bond owner is in favor of a supply, the bond offers a lower yield than a marginally similar bond without supply.

4. Sinking Fund Provision

Many securities are sold with a condition that the lender repurchase, irrespective of the interest rate amount, a set proportion of the existing bonds annually.

The possibility of default can be minimized by a sinking fund; default happens if the issuer cannot make promised payments in a timely manner.

Given that a sinking fund reduces credit risk for bondholders, these bonds can be provided with a lower return than a non-sinking fund bond.

5. Coupon Rate

The monthly interest-rate charges to bond holders are measured as a fixed percentage of the bond’s face value, regarded as the rate of the coupon.

6. Face Value

The bond’s face cost (also defined as the par value) applies to the price at the first redemption of which the bond was sold to investors and the price at the date of repayment of the debt.

7. Call Provision

Many bonds contain provisions that allow an issuer to buy the bond at a pre-specified price from the bondholder before its maturity.

The price is referred to as the call price.  It is called a bond that contains a calling provision.


It helps issuers to reduce their interest costs when yields drop after a bond is sold, because existing securities can be substituted by lower return bonds.

Considering that a call clause is in the possession of the bondholder, the bond will provide a higher rate of return than a bond with no call condition but equivalent.

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