7 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid as a Small Business owner


As a business owner or a small business owner, one of the things that is always on the mind is different ways to make more money and also to scale up your business.

Due to this reason, marketing came into place and from various entrepreneurs and business owners, marketing a product is always an interesting session and also flexible because of the various forms of marketing available.

Although marketing has it’s good side, it also has it’s  times where you’re faced against a giant brick and can’t go any further, during those times you can get frustrated and tempted to give up but do not give up because it’s just a passing phase.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be sharing with you 7 marketing mistakes to avoid as a small business owner.

I said small because most of the mistakes happens to businesses that are just starting.

Already established businesses know the rudiments to marketing already and most often than not do not fall victims of those mistakes.

Making mistakes in your business while marketing cannot always be a negative experience,  sometimes it’s helps you grow into knowing what to do and what not to do.

I use to have this saying, you don’t need to fail before you get something right, you can always learn about it and avoid it. That’s why this post was written.

The first thing to avoid is

Not Having a Marketing Plan

Take for example, you are going to throw a party but then you don’t have a list of arrangement of activities, the party or ceremony will definitely be disorganized. It’s similar to owning a business,  trying to market a business without a plan is just a journey into futility.

The second thing to avoid is

Not to know why your Business is Unique

Having a small business that isn’t as different as it’s competitors especially when the competitors are very much established will render that small business unproductive but when you as a small business owner actually understand your peculiarity and you will sell your self well to your clients, you most definitely will experience growth in your business.

The third thing to avoid is

Trying to Please every Customer

What this point is trying to say is that you don’t need to be a jack of all trade. You have to pick a particular niche that you are passionate about and stuck to it, you can always expand but make sure you gain a lot of authority in your niche first. A wise man once said ” if you want to make everybody happy, don’t be a leader sell ice-cream “.

The fourth thing to avoid is

Underestimating the Power of your Words.

One of the cheapest and natural methods of marketing your products is through the words of your mouth.

You can actually do wonders with your words. For example,  a customer who is reluctant about purchasing your product due to some reasons can be persuaded to buy just by the words of your mouth.

Your words if not correctly put together can also have a negative impact on the in-flocks of customers to your business.

The fifth thing to avoid is

Allowing the Phobia of Social Media to get to you

One thing i know about fear is that it affects greatness in a bad way most of the times.

Fine, social media can make or mar an individual, a business or whatever but knowing the right network to go to, the right people to meet and advertise to, the right community can foster growth in your social media campaigns.

Therefore,  you need to take away that fear or paranoia before you can actually make impact using social media.

The sixth thing to avoid is

Being Rigid on your Marketing Approach

No one way leads to a particular goal, most of the times there are several approaches to solving a particular issue, the same goes for business.

Having a business that and running a marketing campaign for it can be quite tasking but when you realize that your marketing tactics aren’t working, you find a way to change it. You just have to be flexible about it.

Being to rigid about it can cost you a lot and also make you unable to see other several opportunities to grow as a small business.

The seventh thing to avoid is

Not Taking Cognizance of the Competition

You are always in competition with things whether you like it or not, the earlier you accept that fact the better.

While trying to be unique as a small business you shouldn’t forget that you all fall into the same market as many other businesses, having that mentality that you aren’t the only one in that business will give you that unending desire to always be on your toes and at your best.

As regards your marketing, you can always learn one or two things from your competitors that can actually be replicated in your business and make a lot of positive impact in it’s growth  and it’s capacity to scale up.



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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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