Working for long hours, having short time to rest are one of the attributes of an entrepreneur but these activities tends to hamper the growth of the business as a result of you gradually reducing in productivity due to stress.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be giving you 7 ways to be more productive as an entrepreneur

1. Don’t joke with the golden hour

This period of the day is usually the first hour after you wake up from sleep in the morning, it is believed that this period can determine the happenings of the day for you.

Entrepreneurs take this period seriously as they observe it judiciously by meditating, avoiding arguments or irrelevant discussions, avoiding junks but taking healthy food and several other things that can throw your day off balance.

2. Adopt time-management techniques

Working as an entrepreneur with a lot to do within the given 24 hours in a day can leave the entrepreneur totally unproductive and consequently take a negative effect on the outcome of the business either in the short or long run.

Although there are many techniques to try out, you can’t really say which one will work best for you until you try them out.

Examples of techniques include The pomodoro Technique among many others

3. Engage in taking long walks.

This has proven to be one of the most effective approaches to engage in. You tend to always have a clear head after long walks and many at times solutions to pressing issues come during those times

You should try it out.

4. Use more than one display screen

For entrepreneurs that spend most of their day’s work on the computer, you shouldn’t just have one monitor facing you.

If you want to achieve more in a day’s job, you need about two to three screens facing you, this helps you spread out tasks and cover more grounds on a project.

It also enables you not to forget important tasks since they are all displaying before you unlike if you are using just one screen and you have to minimize it which makes you forget some tasks.

5. Use the appropriate and adequate amount of blue light

Blue lights have been proven to help improve your energy in terms of its effect on the eyes but it has also been proven that too much exposure to it can affect the eyes negatively.

To maintain the correct amount of blue light pointing at your eyes, try to always reduce its intensity as the sun sets for the day.

6. Reduce work-space congestion

Too many things in the workplace can lead to bad vibes especially when most of those things are junks that are just taking unnecessary space.

It’s proven that when there are too much things in an environment especially an office setting, it causes anxiety, stress and confusion.

For you to have a more productive day at work, try to always tidy up your work-space and only bring documents that are important for that moment out on your desk.

7. Learn to switch off before going to bed

Sleep is an integral factor in determining the How To Stay Productive While On A Business Trip at his or her daily job but to ensure that the adequate rest is achieved, there are certain things to be done.

The things to be done include completely switching off all lights especially the blue ones and all gadgets.

You can play music if you enjoy sleeping while the music is on enable you sleep better.

In summary

The seven tips written here are not meant to disrupt your everyday life, think of it as measures to help your life better and all you just need is to make little adjustments to your schedules, workplace, time, and so on and you will be fine.

Thank you for reading this piece of content

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.


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