7 Ways to stay on the low if you are in Wealth


Most readers here are motivated people who want their financial future to be improved. I’m sure that in another 10 years, thanks to disciplined savings and investment habits, everyone will be very wealthy, if not millionaires.

But you’ll ask what’s next once you get to where you’re headed. Never lose site of the fact that it really is the most rewarding journey to financial independence.

Only consider all your hardships and take a deep breath if society turns its back on you to be popular. Be proud of your achievements because you know that you do it not only for yourself, but also for your family.

You don’t need to be embarrassed that you’re not the dumb ass in secondary school who thought it was cool to skip class to joke around every week.

You shouldn’t feel bad that during college you worked on summer internships as your buddies went to play. So you sure shouldn’t be ashamed by your frugal behaviors so smart finances once you’ve found a job.

If you get up every morning at 5 a.m. to earn extra money in anticipation of jobs, good for you! Be proud to work about 40 hours a week and don’t worry about why you can’t get on with it.

Sadly, the contributions have a fantastic way for culture to ridicule. “No one is created by himself,” and “You haven’t designed that,” were my two favorite answers.

Just try to take yourself out of the equation completely and see where this logic goes when there is no one to think, dream, and perform. Resistance is futile when you’re outnumbered. You’ve got to join in and scream with the others.

With the tips below, you will no longer be able to move around in the dark in fear of retribution.

A Guide to grow your Wealth on a low

1. Never drive an expensive car to your workplace or any public place

Drive the most affordable, safe car you know, so they’ll assume you’re frugal and weak if you finally run into your colleagues.

Take public transport and declare freely the love for buses and trains. You’re not going to roll into a Benzo workplace and get the manager to see you. His immediate thought is to slash the reward as you do so well.

Neither will driving up in a Ferrari to a salary negotiation meeting won’t work in your favour. Consider a more moderate BMW X3 or Jeep Grand Cherokee instead of choosing a new Range Rover Sport and deducting the vehicle as a business cost.

2. Be careful who you are giving your house address to

People love internet snooping to see what you’ve paid for your house. They’ll not only see what you’ve charged for your home, they’ll also be able to tell you if you’re under water and making huge profit. You may send them cross streets and a picture of the house instead of providing an exact address.

Inevitably, if they pay attention, they will find out your exact address, but delay it as long as possible. Your house is your holy habitation. Protecting your confidentiality. I recommend that you claim your house online and try to make it look as bad as possible. Property tax assessors are constantly looking online to try to jack up their assessments.

3. Never reveal it’s true identity

Whether it’s your Panerai watch, Birkin purse, Armani dress, or Louboutin shoes, tell the person who requests for it to be fake at all times. Resist the urge to praise for your stuff. You are an entity already created.

4. Never tell how much wealth you make

Don’t ever reveal the full degree to how much you do without doubt. Only those who are emotionally fragile, seek attention, or want to make money by teaching you how to enjoy making money by showing off their wealth.

Definitely there is an inverse correlation with how much money you have and how much you are revealing. Do you think you’re an invisible tycoon?

If you have a particularly high level of income and you’re associating around with people who make up a fraction of what you’re doing, be aware of not talking about your holidays or things you’ve bought.

Be aware that as of 2019, the average national household income is $62,000. You will be put under fire by earning anything more than 2X the median household income of your state.

5. Diversity (Don’t put all your eggs in one basket)

Do not become one of the community’s major landlords. Unless you really believe in it, don’t become one of the biggest shareholders in a private equity deal.

Spread the investment assets around so that people don’t really realize how much you’ve earned. Diversification also ensures that in the event of violent downturns your wealth does not take a beating either.

6. Don’t act like a know-all

You may be a brilliant person, but bright people can be very intimidating. Instead, pretend that by asking questions you don’t fully understand what another is saying. Just because you see solutions easily, don’t think you’re better than others. Keep your intelligence as you keep your entire income and wealth.

It’s better to start the low-level intelligence and ramp it up when the chance is necessary. Some of the brightest people I know have this terrifying look at them shouting icy brashness. You know they’re already multi-variably thinking, but it looks like they’re a dull brick wall from outside.

7. Exhibit humility

Sooner or later, people will realize you’re not as bad as you’re staring at yourself. You will remember how modest and unassuming you were when you spoke of their riches and their successes.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.


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