8 Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs To Possess


Every human being has some sort of skill they possess or learnt over time and each of those skills play a certain role in their lives but as these skills play certain roles in their lives maybe minor or major, they also need to make sure that those skills are beneficial to them.

In the entrepreneurial world, there are some basic skills you should possess to be able to scale heights while carrying out your business activities as a result of this, I have decided to write some basic skills I think you should possess as an entrepreneur

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post, i will be showing you 9 skills every entrepreneur needs to possess.

As an entrepreneur, you must always invest in yourself in all means possible either financially, mentally, socially and so on. These investments may not impact the business directly but will surely affect indirectly either via your employees as a result of your impact on them.

What therefore are these skills that can contribute to your influence as an entrepreneur?


Communication is one of the greatest channels for establishing and sustaining growth. This skill is important in all facet of life and while as a business person or an entrepreneur, it is important for you to ensure that you maintain that and also ensure that every of those communications are effective which means that they should have a clear purpose and impact.


The ability to be led by your emotions when needed is also key to a successful entrepreneurial journey because it enables you to connect and understand your customers and employees and ensuring their growth in the process.

This skill will enable you to see your customer’s point of view and also understand the challenges they are going through.

This singular skill ensures that your customers can trust you in the services they are receiving from you because they know that you care about their well-being.


This is also another skill that should be harnessed because in this day and age, most successful entrepreneurs sell themselves through their already established brands and therefore to make an impact, you also need to sell yourself and your brand.

One of the ways to sell your self is through the value you aim to add and how you want to achieve that. To build your reputation to that regards, you need to make yourself known through your circle of influence, social media followers, customers, peers and the public at large.


Before going into business as an entrepreneur, one of the things you should do is to write a business plan, in this business plan you need to plan out your tactics for operation and to do this you need some level of skill and experience to guide you into how to go about it.

While your business is going on, you also need to constantly check your strategies to ascertain their validity due to external factors that may influence the business either negatively or positively and also while making those strategies ensure that they are also valid for long term goals too.


This is one of the top rated skill to possess as an entrepreneur because it is the primary drive of every business. This is a skill that works hand in hand with accountability.

As an entrepreneur, you also need to be a finance manager if not your business will most likely collapse due to the lack of necessary skill successfully manage the funds in your business.

As a business person or an entrepreneur dealing with the buying and selling of goods, you need to have it in mind that your goods are your assets and investment and not necessarily your money so always endeavor to keep stock of what you have so as to guide you into what to buy and when to buy so as to keep the goods in steady amounts in your store.

One other thing as a business person is that you need to monitor your market to know which good is best to invest your business funds on and which goods you shouldn’t.


Sales is what generates the finances needed to run your business and without the right skill, you can’t convince your customers, investors and partners to believe in you and patronize you even if you have a brilliant product or idea.


Networking has come to become one of the most powerful ways to get jobs done. You also know the popular saying that goes as this – your network is your net worth, this saying actually happens to be true.

Take n example from wolves, they move in packs and there is a popular saying that goes by- the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack. This reiterates the importance of relationship building among entrepreneurs.


As an entrepreneur, you must have to accept the fact that you will do tons of work, have late nights, early mornings, deny yourself from pleasures, and delayed gratifications.

Trying to harmonize all these together can lead to stress, health and mental breakdown too.

What you need to do is to work on yourself and train your mind to be stronger than your emotions, that way you won’t feel too worked up and also learn the art of taking a break when you feel it’s necessary because only a person who is alive can carry out any form of activity


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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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