8 Things Successful People Do Everyday


There is one misconception most people have about successful people and it’s that they are just lucky whereas they fail to notice the sacrifices they had to make to get there.

Bishop David Oyedepo said it well when he said ” every star has a scar and the scar of every star is sacrifice “.

People then keep asking, what’s your secret? , how did you make it? and so on.

From my vast experience, i will be giving you an insight on what successful people do everyday. Stay in touch, read and follow up closely.

The first thing is to –


What most successful people do is that they focus on the minutes instead of setting tasks hourly. They realised that when they set their target duration in minutes, they see more value in the fact that their time is precious and it’s never enough.

Knowing that, they tend to make the best out of every available time they have thereby producing the needed results.

The second thing is to –


Successful people ensure that they finish a task before moving to another one and while doing that they ensure that they take their time doing so.

The third thing is to –


Yes i said it, throw it away!!! ,you didn’t hear me ? I said throw your to-do-list away because you are never going to finish up the tasks on your to-do-list that day especially when the tasks seem overwhelming.

What you can do is to create a calender where you can slot each of the tasks in comfortably and in no time, you will finish it and you won’t feel stressed or the anxiety from the volume of work to be done unlike the to-do-list.

The to-do-list isnt a bad approach although the reasom why having a calendar is preferred is because of the stress and anxiety it relieves one from.

The fourth thing is to –


This is a silent killer of dreams and business success. It makes one feel as if the excuses not to do that task at that moment is acceptable whereas it’s not.

Successful people carry out their tasks at the right time because they know that if they do not do it at that time,it will affect their next task and ultimately their output.

The fifth thing is that they –


As much as you work hard and hard and hard successful people always know when it’s time to back to their family because of the value they derive from being with their family.

Elijah Mikaelson from the poplular tv series titled “The Originals ” rightly said, he said that “Family is Power”.

He also gave a powerful quote on the power family has on an individual, he said “Over the course of my long life, I have come to believe that we are bound forever to those with whom we share blood. And while we may not choose our family, that bond can be our greatest strength, or our deepest regret……”

Those quotes stated in the previous paragraph points out extensively on the effect of family and how well we should respect that.

The sixth thing is that they –


If you notice any successful person and you observe well you will discover thag such a person is always jotting down stuff.

The stuff could be an idea, could be an observation, couk6be anything.

This action is brought about by the fact that they are always thinking and observing their environment.

The seventh thing is that they –


A number of you may want to dispute it but in reality it’s the truth. If you knowthe typical meeting processes, you will know that most meetings start late, then they eat up most of your productive time.

Most successful people prefer to attend just few meetings and that’s all.

The eighth thing is that they –


Warren Buffet has rightly said it in his words that “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.”

You can not expect to be successful when you say yes to everyone.

A very popular and powerful quote further illustrates this, it says ” If you want to please everybody, dont be a leader, sell icecream”.

This alone has said it all.

As you have read these eight things successful people do, i hope you start imbibing them little by little because it’s not a day’s journey.

Read, share, enjoy.


Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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