8 Ways On How To Scale Up Your Business


Trying to scale up your business always seems like an endless journey in this present day and age in a the world that has a very large market which begs the need for a continuous improvement in the marketing strategies adopted in the business.

For a business or a startup, trying to scale up with other businesses that are more stable and with higher standings can be difficult to do due to the authority they have in those fields.

In as much as the other businesses are of higher demand than yours, you can also scale up your business and grow tremendously but how ?

Hi everyone , my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be telling you 8 ways in which you can scale your business. Just follow me closely and gently.

The first thing to do is to


This is a very  important step in ensuring your business sees the light of the day as this entails knowing what your niche is about,the challenges to expect, reading biographies of individuals who are giants in that niche and how they did it.

This step also gives you the opportunity of getting some contacts that can be useful to you when you commence your business or even if you have commenced.

The second thing is to


Thinking about and attempting to grow your business comes with a lot of reasoning which is centered on how to get new customers but in the real sense, it is easier for you to persuade your existing customers to buy from you than trying to get new customers to start buying from you.

In summary, focus on the customers you have presently and make ensure that they buy more from you.

Doing that, you are gradually penetrating your existing market and within no time, they will be the one spreading the words to their other people and you become known.

The third thing is to


This is another brilliant strategy to adopt if you want to scale up your business 

This is done by meeting your present customers after meeting their needs then asking them little questions like “Do you know anyone else that would love this good too ?”.

You don’t have to go directly to the potentially new customers,  they come to you. It’s that clean and easy.

The fourth thing is to


As a business owner, it is best to find out new things about what your product can do and how it can better the lives of your users or customers.

It’s about finding out new ways to utilize your product basically .

The fifth thing is to


Extending your market reach can come in different ways such as setting up stores in new locations to meet the needs of potentially new customers, creating an online market for your market to target specific users and so on.

This is aimed at building your market strength and authority and ultimately helping to scale up your business. 

The sixth thing is to


This is one key factor in determining the strength and future of a business. You must first remember that you are in a business and it’ll require money to function.

Now, while attempting to scale your business,  also bear in mind that you mustn’t spend more than you earn and to actually grow your business ,you have to stay afloat because the amount of money present in the business will determine the influence that business has in the market.

The seventh thing is to


Don’t be a one-way traffic kinda guy !!

If you intend on making your business stand out in terms of influence in the market, you need to diversify your product.

Find out other things that are affiliated with what your business is about and harmonize those things in your business to cover more market areas in your niche.

The eighth thing is to


This is one strongly advised strategy to adopt when trying to scale up your business.

This works by locating a show where different people come to display their works so it’s about you identifying the niche displayed in that show that clearly talks about your niche and then displaying your products there.

This is a strategy that is used by many and works.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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