9 Ways your company can promote innovation


The very definition of technology is just as quickly taking off from exciting new innovation to the new startup business models . In the United States alone, 63% of companies employ chief innovation officials and more than 90% of companies use new technologies to help them implement the innovation process.

But not all companies are ready to push their organizations for innovation. Improvements in environments need adaptation and versatility and many people fear, and continue to resist, improvements. This is an unfortunate reality. How can you turn the tide to take up the company’s innovation?

Some quick to execute innovations will help the company build and function enthusiastically, so that the corporation is not left in the dark ages.

1. Encouraging Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship is an old word that is now just starting to end. An intrapreneur may be described as someone who thinks like a businessman, He brings his ideas into the industry where he operates, not starting a company of his own.

Intrapreneurship in your organization, you can encourage it with simple steps like determining where your people can go with their ideas, implementing a “no idea is a bad idea” policy, gathering support from your employees and letting them pitch decision-makers in your enterprise.

2. 15% time

Fifteen percent is a term invented in the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company by William McKnight. The rule allows workers to devote 15 percent of their paid work time imagining, muddling and playing on concepts which are not necessarily related to their business work.

3. Encourage Testing (Even when it turns bad)

In line with the 15-percent rule by McKnight, innovative company leaders know that you should also reward innovative habits beyond just giving your employees time for experimentation. Something destroys innovation quicker than fear of failure, and you should also rejoice the losses because you should enjoy the progress of any project.

4. Embrace R & D (Research and Development)

To addition to motivating the group to learn, allow them to do their own studies. Taking a look at new technologies, reading articles and writing reports for your firm, let your employees ‘ personal interests and passions lead you.

5. Encourage Workers Forum

And where should your staff submit their investigation? Where better than at a forum for employees? Take a Google Book page with Google Cafes to build your company’s unique forum.

Whether it’s an all-time regular meeting or a journal, encourage a place where groups can collaborate and speak about and share their work, project and intrapreneurial concepts from 15% of the time.

6. Test new Stuff

There is nothing easier than to delegate new and exciting tasks outside the context of their day-to-day duties to your staff. Although some employees may react initially to a fear of failure, they will eventually try something new in your supportive work environment “no idea is a bad idea.”

7. Don’t be Small Minded

Virtually all successful companies that center on innovation recognizes that they are more than just their products and services. Identify your assets and strategic abilities rather than just defining your company by what it sells. As an additional bonus, your employees will feel more than just their job roles.

8. Make good use of your free time

Americans, already known to be on holiday less than people in other countries, take less and less time and this is not a good trend.

In contrast to the myriad health benefits of holiday making, working time will make you more successful. Studies show that certain practices, such as walking in nature, that encourage a genuinely relaxed environment can actually boost creativity by up to 50%.

Encourage the team to use their entire holiday time despite pressure at work to return to their workplace relaxed and packed with new ideas.

9. Think Ahead

Ultimately, there is no better way of promoting creativity than leading by example inside the business. Creativity starts at the edge – managers should be role models with excitement at the office, optimistic experiences, a clear direction or goal and, inevitably, improvements.

Today is decided on the future of your company. If the quick moving, creative rivals trap the business in the dirt, do not be scared. Fear is one of the main enemies of creativity, and as we saw, creativity support is key to your company’s innovation.

You can begin to bring innovation to your company in many ways and major changes will not occur at once. Start small and slowly layer in more with one of the above ideas until your business is a pinnacle of creativity and innovation.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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