Obtaining an alcohol server certification online entails numerous processes. These credentials show that you know what you’re doing and that you’re committed to the bartending industry.

Many jurisdictions, in fact, mandate that bartenders take the certification exam. As a result, restaurants and bars normally employ only qualified bartenders. They may also need you to complete an online course and examination.

To comply with local rules and improve the quality of your work as an aspiring mixologist, you need earn the alcohol server certification. Continue reading to learn how to obtain an online alcohol server certification.


1. Know State Requirements

To begin, learn about the state certification requirements in the area where you intend to bartend. Determine where you want to work because these standards vary widely between states.

To serve alcohol in Alaska, for example, you must be 21 years old. Georgia, on the other hand, gives company owners the option to create their own programmes.

Although certification is not required in New York, legitimate certifications are considered a mitigating factor if you break alcohol regulations.

The online alcohol server certification should meet all of the work location’s local and state criteria. Limit your search to one state to ensure compliance with state regulations.


2. Locate Accredited Online Courses

The second step in obtaining an online bartending certification is to locate reputable online courses. While numerous websites and online courses provide useful knowledge and approaches, only a small percentage of them are accredited. Stick with reputable, accredited classes to ensure your course passes state certification standards.

These courses are designed to improve the quality of fundamental and practical bartending techniques in each state. Choose an accredited online course to meet your state’s standards and enhance training quality.


3. Determine the Type of Certification

Third, choose the type of online alcohol certification that most suits your requirements. Most states have a variety of certification kinds based on the type of business.

Restaurant certificates, for example, govern enterprises that offer alcohol as a complement to food. On-premises or tavern certifications, on the other hand, are for restaurants that primarily offer alcohol.

Choosing an online alcohol certification kind will undoubtedly help you select the type of establishment you’ll operate in.


4. Take part in the class

As the next step in obtaining an online alcohol certification, enroll in a course. Accredited online courses allow you to complete your training at your own speed.

Course loads usually take a few hours to finish in total. They frequently include issues such as the effects of alcohol on the body, how to recognise underage patrons/fake IDs, and when to cut someone off.

Additionally, by downloading your certificate after completion, you’ll have continued access to it and the ability to print additional copies. Learn the foundations of bartending while gaining access to a certification by enrolling in a course.

5. Renew on a regular basis

The final step in obtaining an online alcohol server certification is to renew and update it on a regular basis. Most states, depending on the area, require bartenders to renew their licences every one to three years.

By following this and other local rules, you can avoid having your licences and certificates revoked. As a result, you’ll be up to date on how the industry has evolved since your last certification.

Ensure that you have up-to-date information about bartending trends and that your certification is current by renewing it on a regular basis.


In Summary


Online alcohol server certification can be obtained in a variety of methods. Start by studying the state standards where you want to bartend to drive the rest of the certification procedure.

Second, choose a recognised online course to match your state’s standards and enhance training quality.

Third, choose an online alcohol certification type that corresponds to the type of establishment you’ll operate in.

Then, by enrolling in a course, you may learn the foundations of bartending while also gaining access to a certification.

Finally, ensure that you have up-to-date information about bartending trends and that your certification is current by renewing it on a regular basis.

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