10 Top Business and Finance blogs in Nigeria


If you want to grow your finances, keep up with these blogs.

Financial freedom is the dream of every entrepreneur and business owner, even the 9-5 workers also want to live this kind of life. But how can you get there?

Times are difficult and it is important to gain more knowledge about how money works in these difficult times. Why are you getting more of it? What are you saving? How do you control your spending? How are you investing in and building wealth?

If you want to learn about Money, Investment, Finance, Business Management and many other things relating to money, then you need to check out these blogs:

1. Latestmata

This is a business and finance blog targeted at entrepreneurs who want to start, grow and scale up their business.

It is owned by Komolafe Timileyin who is a seasoned expert in financial intelligence with years of experience.

This should be your number 1 go to blog for anything relating to finances and Money Management.

You can reach out to him on his social media handles

Instagram: tim_cor

2. MyNairaJourney

This is a personal finance blog with most of her user base in Nigeria.

The mission at “My Naira Journey is to help you create wealth. But it’s also their job to tell you there are no quick fixes. It’s a road to become financially free.

We want to use this blog to pay attention to what you’re earning: how you save it, how you spend it, and how you’re investing in the future. You should be responsible for your wealth, not any other person or thing — family, spouse, luck and anything else. It’s all about you and all of you.

We’re going to do our best not to write the article in the way you want to sleep. Rather, we’re going to write it in a way that helps you achieve financial freedom as soon as possible.

3. Money Matters

Nimi Akinkugbe owns Money Matters. According to Nimi, achieving ranks of financial security as a major source of anxiety and seeking to empower people with regard to their finances.

Under the guise of the company “Money Matters with Nimi,” through speaking events, radio and tv interviews and social networks, the Monopoly Board Games and her new book, ‘ A – Z of Personal Finance, ‘ Nimi offers straightforward, realistic tips to build a greater awareness and education of personal finance and wealth management issues.

4. MakeMoney

MakeMoney is a website dedicated to the growth of internet entrepreneurs and aspiring internet entrepreneurs. If in any way you’re trying to make a living online, then you’re an internet entrepreneur, this platform has been built for you.

Makemoney.ng can teach you a lot of ways to make money especially online, as making money is the most important part of personal finance.

5. Nairametrics

Nairametrics is a leading Nigerian-based financial services company with a special emphasis on financial literacy and advocacy for investors. We provide up-to-date business, investment and financial information from the largest economy in Africa to our visitors and customers.

Nairametrics blog provides business news, investment guild, personal finance and financial literacy, financial management, data analysis, social media.

6. Proshare Nigeria

Proshare Nigeria Limited is a niche financial information service center focusing on markets, industry, technology, legislation, MSME, personal finance and economic development.

The mission of Proshare is simple: acting as a vital link between investors and markets. Nevertheless, the mandate reaches beyond the delivery of accurate, reliable and timely financial information on a 24-hour loop through an institutionalized network of researchers, analysts, contributors and content owners.

7. Business Daily Online

BusinessDay news report provides decision-makers with useful and accurate information on the business finance situation in Nigeria and beyond.

8. Nairabarter Blog

For all Nigerians, Nairabarter Blog is a digital guide to finance and business investment. The platform offers the breakdown of news from the financial industry—focusing on forex markets, stock markets, capital markets, crypto markets, and value investment.

Nairabarter itself, apart from the site, provides Nigeria Naira with regular exchange rates for major foreign currencies, making it a great alternative to AbokiFx and the like.

9   Invest Advocate

Invest Advocate one of the top financial and investment news websites in Nigeria with a focus on the capital market. The company is poised to ensure that our credible, timely and highly informative online media platform keeps the Nigerian financial sector and investors happy.

InvestAdvocate helps Nigerian Capital Market stakeholders to use its online information service to conduct their business and achieve highly positive business outcomes.

10  Entorm

Entrepreneur Platform is a platform for business and entrepreneurship that aims to help young and old entrepreneurs build better and sustainable business of any kind. There are tons of articles and videos about Business on this blog, Advertising, Software, Blockchain, Finance, Startups, Growth, Development, News and Events. The online company Hub and Magazine aims to help Africans

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.


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