10 Top Cloud Storage services for your Business


According to TechTarget, cloud storage is a way of maintaining and handling the data for individuals and also in business

Many of these providers have a model based on the storage quantity you need. They are typically versatile and scalable in their plans. Normally, they sell the rates you pay.

Cloud storage tools allow for files to be backed up and shared, data to be stored and services for disaster recovery.

Why invest in the cloud servers and all the equipment, and the cost of supporting it? You have access to your data anywhere, 24/7 and therefore can concentrate on your market without thinking about other issues like technology management.

Financial may be the greatest advantage. No cost in advance. You can easily scale up or down with up or down business conditions. So you pay a fixed fee on a regular basis.

Security Issues of Cloud Storage Services

Safety is often a problem to place confidential and competitive information in a third party’s hands.

Data breaches, and worse, data loss outages, are always a possibility, regardless of whether your data is stored in the cloud or on a server next to your office.

This could, potentially, be easier in the cloud.

As Outsource IT Headaches to the Cloud points out in The GlobeandMail, “Since big cloud computing firms have more money,[…] they are often able to offer security levels that an average small company might not be able to afford to enforce on its own servers.”

Almost all cloud providers have some free storage, but these are mainly intended for consumers; a company of any reasonable size does not have a free lunch, while free trials are usually available.

In addition to simple storage, the majority of cloud storage services include: Web-based dashboards to view data files Mobile apps Data backup and Encryption, Use archive reports Drag and Drop file transfers Email / live support.

Pros of using cloud storage for your business

Cloud providers are buying a large amount of storage and can give value for their customers.

Furthermore, the use of cloud services removes the need to purchase hard drives for computing needs.

These services also reduce on-site hardware requirements and that equipment’s management and monitoring.

Despite their tiered price structure, cloud services can be more affordable.

Based on how quickly you store information and how often you back up that information, you can select the plan that meets your needs.

Services can provide short-term and long-term storage for you. Those needs can decide the storage type you need.

If you decide your current plan no longer works, you can easily migrate to another plan.

Here are 10 cloud storage providers that small and medium-sized enterprises might want to consider.

Amazon Web Services

provides a variety of levels, including a 12-month free usage tier for new users up to 5 GB of its S3 (Simple Storage Service) and up to 30 GB of EBS (Elastic Block Storage).

The range of options is largely why Amazon Web Services is recognized as a leading provider of public cloud.

Business plan Box:

$15 a month for at least five users. The Business package is $35 per user per month, with unlimited storage.


Carbonite is primarily focused on backup solutions, with annual Pro Plan pricing starting at $269.99. We also have server plans which provide more flexibility, starting at $799.99 a year.

Business Plans Dropbox

This platform starts $12.50 per user per month, with at least three users and 5 TB of storage space.


Google for Business Bundled with various apps, the basic plan is $50 per user, per year, besides 30 GB of online storage per user. The storage plan is unlimited at $120 per user

Microsoft’s OneDrive

It provides a few different plans to choose from. A marketing plan is $2.50 per user with an initial commitment of 25 GB per user (1 TB is promised for potential rollout) and an extra 20 cents per GB of storage.

OpenDrive Business

Plans start at $29.95 a year, a user for unlimited storage; if you sign up for the $299 annual plan, there’s a $60 rebate.


SpiderOak Businesses

You can choose between three plans. The Small Business package costs $20 per user per month (billed annually) for 1,000 GB of storage (this package serves two users) The Corporate product costs $24 per user per month and covers up to 100 people.

Business version of Synplicity

Synplicity costs $15 per device, per month, for a total of three users, with an option to buy unlimited storage.



Pricing varies from $15 per month for 100 GB to $75 per month for 5 TB. One interesting feature is Cold Storage to store rarely accessed information cheaply.

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