4 Ways to grow your business with Amazing content


Would you like to step up your marketing strategy and grow your business? If it does, then you’re not alone. Business owners and content marketers across all sectors are constantly looking for new ways to boost traffic, conversion rates and lead interaction on their websites.

As it turns out, using interactive content constitutes one of the best ways to grow your business. A whopping 93 per cent of marketers say an effective marketing technique is interactive content. Consumers are now paying attention to brands which encourage their feedback and commitment because of the rise in competition. Consumers more often than not want companies to listen to their needs and change their strategies accordingly. If a brand is not able to communicate with buyers, the business is at risk of losing out on future sales and new customers.

To be considered interactive for a piece of content, customers must have the opportunity to engage in a way that will enhance their experience. Whether you are using email, social media or your website, it doesn’t matter, this basic rule is the focal point of interactive content.


If you are thinking about making this type of content, we will take a look at five tips to keep in mind. The approaches will hit each of the major marketing networks, giving you plenty of opportunities for your brand to expand.

1. Introduce some elements of game in your homepage

Let’s start by talking about your website, your homepage, which is probably your most visited. When you look at your on-site analytics, you’ll probably notice that there is a big difference between the number of people landing on your homepage and those ending up subscribing and turning into customers.


Involving those people should be your first priority. If you let a lot of your audience go without trying to keep them on your platform, you’ll see your traffic and sales slowly decline.

Gamifying your homepage is a smart way of encouraging users to hang around after subscribing to your website. Spin-to-win wheels and online competitions are a perfect way to get people from the moment they discover your company to engage with your brand.


Spin-to-win wheels are similar to the type which appears only virtual in the popular game show Wheel of Fortune. When someone hits your homepage, a wheel with the ability to click and stop the wheel will appear. Include some great rewards including discounts for purchases, gifts, free shipping and even a replica of your lead magnet. The lead magnet choice is particularly effective at building up your email list, while product and shipping discounts encourage sales.

2. Making use of the influence of Questions and Social media

A recent survey found that 58.8% of marketers regard social media as one of their marketing strategy’s main pillars. In your quest to build a stellar social media campaign, consider what type of content you share with your subscribers. Some find the quizzes and polls to be the most popular type of interactive content on social media.


For example, Buzzfeed frequently publishes quizzes for hundreds of thousands of views on its website and social media. One of their most popular articles in quiz-style racked up a mind-blowing 22 million views. You probably won’t do a quiz now, and see your website burst overnight. But, given that there are over three billion users across all social media platforms, there is no doubt that posting important and meaningful quizzes and polls to your audience will help you develop your business.


Try sharing your posts on popular groups in your niche, if you want to see faster results. Facebook is known for its massive, highly engaged communities, making it a perfect point of departure for business owners who want to start sharing their interactive content.

3. Sending engaging emails

Email marketing is yet another important tool for your customer base to expand and sustain. There are many reasons why users may enter your email lists, including links to promotions, newsletters and blog material.


The inclusion of interactive emails in your mix of regularly scheduled content might otherwise encourage stagnant subscribers to engage with your company. Interactive emails are usually used to help you learn more about your target audience when enhancing your website and product line.

Let’s say you wanted to segment your lead list, so you could submit custom content and offers. You may be considering sending a simple interactive questionnaire using conditional logic to ask customers what they think of the goods, services or industry as a whole. Based on their previous responses, the questions will shift which provides an enjoyable email experience.


This method encourages interaction and can help you create segmented lists for interactive content in the future. Not only can you get six times more sales from immersive, personalized emails but it’s also a great way to re-engage stagnant subscribers.

4. Dropping free punchlines

Another great way to get customers to hang around and connect with your brand is by free quotes. Upon visiting a website featuring a law firm, plumbing company, or any other conventional service-based website, you probably found this technique. Interested customers should fill out some of their situation details and send their request off to your team.


Storefront e-commerce and SaaS business owners are starting to use this strategy to meet their target audience. For example, many email marketing firms are inviting visitors to contact them for an estimation of their email list’s condition and actionable suggestions for change.

Likewise, online stores selling physical products will offer free quotes that tell consumers more about different items based on their needs. Not only will you have the opportunity to engage with your target audience, but you will also obtain some valuable data to create and refine relationships for your customers.


This strategy can be used to get people who are on the fence to contact your company. If they think there’s no way to talk to a representative without first buying a product, they’ll probably leave and never come back again.

But if you can persuade them to get in contact with you for a free – focus on the free – quote, they’re more likely to interact first. As a result, you are going to start building new leads from a percentage of those customers.

 In Conclusion

There’s no controversy when it comes to the interactive content. Many people agree it’s here to stay to engage content that inspires users to reach out to your brand. When technology grows and we are getting more resources available to us, it is safe to say that most business owners and marketers will use customized interactive content to improve sales and interaction.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, consider creating interactive content now for your company. All the major marketing platforms deliver countless possibilities. Some of the strategies we’ve listed could work better for you than others, depending on your industry. Experimenting with different content styles and segmented leads is the best way to build relationships with your existing subscribers while expanding your business with new clients and leads.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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