5 Profound tips for creating a landing page for your business


Want to build the next major marketing campaign with a fantastic looking landing page? If so, understanding why you came to this conclusion is not difficult.

Landing pages are one of the best ways to maximize your investment return in business by leading customers through your sales funnel and generating new leads.

Landing Pages are places created to meet your marketing goals on your website.

They are mainly used to having more email subscribers, increasing sales through targeted marketing and persuading people to connect with your brand.

I’ll teach you five tips in this article to help you build visually attractive, interactive, and realistic landing pages for your web.

Let’s just dive in!

1. Coordinate your message about your business

Ever clicked on an ad that appeared too good to be true? After tons of the web landing page, it is immediately apparent that you have been misinformed.

We have dealt with this situation and there is no question that it is one of the most stressful issues that you as a customer might experience.


Everyone is still on the lookout for great sales, useful knowledge and a culture that aligns with their own values.

And of that mindset, if there’s perceived interest, people are able to click on just about everything.

Can you imagine what happens when you hit the landing page and find out that the deal is all talk and no action? They bounce off the website and it’s extremely doubtful they will ever come back.


For your landing page, you can prevent the issue by organizing your brand message across all platforms.

For example, if you display advertisements on social media that allow people to click off their first purchase for 50 percent, and they find out that the promotion of the landing page is just 20 percent, you’ll see a huge increase in your bounce rate and fewer sales.

On the other hand, if you tell people about the 20 percent discount and the landing page matches the offer, you’ll definitely see an increase in sales and a fall in your bounce rate.

Of course, circumstances differ, but as a general rule, a cohesive brand message can help you build trust with customers and increase sales.


There’s a good explanation why 48 percent of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign – they want to ensure their content is consistent in brand ads and landing pages.

2. Show social evidence.

Social proof is a fantastic resource to help you convince customers why they love your content. Your marketing material is distinct from what actual people think about your product or brand.


When you say your platform is the best conversion tool on the market, it sounds like your value is overinflating.

Nevertheless, if notable newspapers, clients and partner companies talk favorably of your company, that will influence the understanding of your company by people.

We suggest that you look for social evidence on social media, customer feedback forms, and in your product reviews.

Find comments that illustrate the argument you are attempting to make and include it in a section on your landing page.


Let’s say you discovered that Fox Business claims to be the best conversion method on the market.

Adding their quote with a connect would definitely convince interested consumers to be on a trustworthy landing page.

Incorporating social data into your marketing plan will help improve your revenue, conversions and traffic. In reality, adding real testimonials to your website will lead to an increase in conversions of 36 per cent.

3. Focus on making UX better.

An excellent user experience, or UX, is essential for your landing page to be successful. Countless variables help boost UX for desktop and mobile users alike.

Loading screens is one of the first ways that customers connect with your website.

If they click a link leading to your landing page and loading takes longer than three seconds, you can expect most of these users to bounce off your site.

Your hosting company, the amount of website content, and plugins can all play a role in how fast your website is loading.

Tweaking various elements of your site and getting rid of items you don’t need or we will increase the pace of loading your website.

Optimizing the conversion and interaction rate for your mobile users can have a big effect.

The easiest way for mobile users to get your web ready is to select a mobile friendly app. Instead of staring at a clunky, confusing website, they’ll get a landing page that works with their app effortlessly.


Through simplifying the text on your landing page, you can also boost Usability for web and desktop users too.

You can have a simple, succinct video that gets your point across instead of writing a giant wall of text that most people won’t read.

Implementing a video instead of a text could increase your current conversion rate by 86 per cent.

The explanation behind this rise is obvious-whether people are on their smartphones or pressed for time, they are more likely to watch a video. To put it another way, videos boost the audience’s UX.

4. Optimize your SEO website.

Knew there are more than 77,000 searches per second on Google? This amazing statistic is a perfect example of why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important in every industry for business owners of any scale.

You’ll see a big increase in organic traffic, conversions and interaction if you can raise your SEO rating. Your landing page is the best place to get your keywords configured.

Ideally, there are four different places for keywords that you can optimise. Second, you can try to include in the page title one of the keywords that you’re targeting.

After you succeed in fitting your keyword in the title, change the URL to match the title and keyword.

Now that you are out of the way for the title and URL, you can move on to your meta definition.

If appropriate, use your target word in the first sentence of your summary. Your word or phrase will appear in the file, obviously. Forcing words by keyword stuffing would destroy your rating.


Additionally, explanations should be applied to the photos or videos on your website.

When a user is navigating to your web, and the picture is not loading, they can get the gist of your content, which helps with usability.

In addition, Google web crawlers can read image file names and make determinations based on the descriptions about the content of your page.

It’s important that your SEO keywords for your business are consistent throughout each landing page or piece of content, much like your brand message.

5. Add a thank-you page

Finally, add a thank-you page that will pop up after a user has registered, clicked through or completed your deal otherwise.

If after they press send, there is no additional input, users can become irritated and attempt to resubmit their form again, which can make processing orders and inquiries more difficult than required.


You don’t have to go all out either, a simple “Thank you! We’ve received your submission!” will go a long way to convincing customers that signing up with your brand has made a good decision.

Each business owner and marketer has an idea of a ideal landing page for themselves. In reality, a lot of subjective factors will influence this decision.

We hope you will consider the tips here are universal and help you get the most out of your next landing page.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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