4 Business value of Working as a Team in the same office


Being a CEO of a business or a worker in that business working together as a team in the same office, there are tasks you perform that ensures the business stays alive and running. But think about it, if you and your team are remotely located how well do you think you all will function together?.

This is the best time to be an entrepreneur as a result of the presence of technology to help simplify some things for us and also help us convert our ideas to product and consequently money.

As much as technology is present, it cannot replace your job in the sense that you have to do what is needful yourself. You cannot totally depend on that especially if you are a small business just trying to scale up.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be talking about 4 business importance of working as a team in the same office.

When you work as a team in the same office, the following things happen.

1. New and actionable ideas comes up

We have all heard this saying ” you cannot do the same thing and expect a different result”. This means that to see a different result positively, you need to either change some things you are doing or add new things to it.

As a business whose team members are under the same roof, it is easier for ideas to flow in and get approved for implementation.

We have all heard this sayings, “two good heads are better than one”. Trust me it’s very true, if you are in a business set up where you’re the only one in the main office while your team members are scattered across the continent, you are more likely to come up with ideas alone compared to when you have your team members physically there with you.

When you are in a team, you need to make your team members to be aware of the fact that they can share their ideas with the team since it’s for the good of the business.

This is because a lot of people feel insecure about their ideas thinking people will steal it and take the glory but as a team you shouldn’t feel that way because there should be only one goal which is to see the business scaling higher heights.

2. Your targets and workers are important

Like i said earlier, technology is important but you can’t replace the value of humans with them.

Having your team members under the same roof in the same office will help your business because when you have targets to meet, you will need all the hands you can get to get the job done and meet the set targets.

Imagine having a customer that comes to you with an impromptu task and he wants the task done as soon as possible, having workers around can be of great help in meeting the demands of that client.

3. You can manage and control risk better

When you have your team members together, there are possibilities of you controlling risks well because you make decisions well and you can most likely foresee potential risks and take appropriate measures to prevent that from happening.

Even if you are already faced with any risk, when all the members of the team are physically available you are more likely to overcome that challenging risk. Remember the phrase ” it’s more difficult to break a bunch of broom than to break a stick of broom”.

4. Your team members get developed

As a team leader or the owner of a business,  you will realize that when your team members get the opportunity to work together in the same office, they get more refined, experienced and more developed.

You can see growth in the areas of the returns on the investment made on your team members, you will also give your members the feeling of value and this can be a factor that motivates them to constantly work well.

One more thing about working together is that you are building a strong bond and relationship for future success and making sure all insecurities are taken care of in the early stages of the business.

With what i have written, it doesn’t mean all businesses that work together in the same office will automatically lead to the success of the business,  it takes a committed push by every member of the team.

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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