5 Profitable ways to celebrate Valentine’s day in your business


Perhaps the best thing that entrepreneurs forget is how comparable an organization is to a growing being.

To keep it going strong, your company needs love and care, allowing you, in turn, to continue to reap the rewards.

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give your business a little love and help your business grow in the coming year from strength to strength, whether by showing gratitude for the consumers who use your goods or thanking your employees who work long hours to ensure that the business is at its best.

1. Every day, start taking time out for yourself.

Many company leaders, like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, live by the belief that not all business can be their lives.

It’s as easy as a simple home workout in the morning, a walk around the block in the afternoon, or a few minutes of meditation before you go to bed.

If you want to work at your peak, take time to recharge your batteries.

In every business, a positive attitude is important, as the better and happier you feel, the more you are able to handle things with confidence and energy.

2. Set up a PR Campaign

With the world becoming more global and media sites pivoting to digitally send their content out, bringing the business into the press is more critical now than ever.

A single news article can produce an overnight flood of sales and leads and may even go viral.

Marketing is much less costly than advertising and has many other advantages, including SEO, putting you in your field as an authority, and also making it easier to get checked on social media sites.

Most companies do their own PR and get tremendous results, but it’s just as popular for businesses to look for PR companies to support them.

3. Show love to your employees

It’s always important to recognize and express your gratitude to those that help you run your company every day, from a simple affirmation e-mail (‘Great job last quarter, I really appreciate everything you have done for the business and all the hard work I’ve seen you put in!’) to introducing a formal bonus reward scheme inside your business.

Staff are the basis for the success of the business and a little thank-you or a token of gratitude will always go a long way towards making your employees feel at home in your company.

4. Set up your 2021 schedule (or check in on it)


You’re definitely not alone if you don’t have a formal 2021 schedule so far.

Things are less stable than ever after the whirlwind of 2020, which makes it difficult to have reasonable expectations of what your company could mean this year.

Nonetheless, it benefits the business immensely to analyze your last year of success and build a strategy based on the lessons you’ve learned and the mistakes you’ve made.

And while some of the best ideas might not even eventuate, a system always needs to be in place.

Mapping out what you need to do and what you want to accomplish not only guarantees the greatest amount of progress on an annual, monthly and weekly basis, it also keeps everyone on the same page and makes the company as productive as possible.

5. Keep learning

The best thing you can do for your staff, sometimes, is to better yourself as best as you can. It’s critical as an entrepreneur that you never stop learning.

Whether it’s listening to business, spiritual or personal growth podcasts or attending seminars, even in the fields you are most familiar with, it’s crucial that you constantly expand your knowledge.

In order to build a safe and productive environment inside and around you, many individuals underestimate the need to exercise your brain as well as your body.

In Summary

Implementing these techniques will help you ensure that, when you thrive as an entrepreneur, you continue to enjoy your life. Often, what you need to succeed in business is love.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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