Small Business Channel Management Software: 5 Must-Have Features


Small firms can benefit from a variety of channel management software capabilities. A number of characteristics of channel managers enable hoteliers to connect to new internet channels, resulting in an increase in online reservations.

They also give you unrestricted two-way access to hundreds of booking channels, allowing you to grow your brand’s reach and recognition dramatically.

Channel manager features can dramatically boost your hotel’s booking capacity and maximise revenues as an operational manager.

Continue reading to learn about five of the most useful aspects of channel management software for small businesses.

1. CRM Incorporations

Various CRM solutions can be integrated by several channel managers. These interfaces greatly improve operational efficiency by introducing capabilities like asset management, mobile lead forms, transaction registration, and lead sharing.

They can also validate partners and automate the payment and payout processes. Revenue increase can be seen through CRM connectors while tracking partner activities.

Of course, to maximise these benefits, consult CRM marketing best practises. Various CRM connectors do, without a doubt, deliver considerable efficiency gains and marketing insights, such as sales growth.

2. Synchronisation

The key feature of most channel managers is synchronisation across many channels. They connect your inventory with hundreds of online booking platforms, including some of the most popular.

Your pricing and availability are always in sync and updated in real time. Any modifications will be reflected immediately in your booking engine and across all channels.

You will save time, minimise double- and overbooking, and achieve major efficiency gains in this manner. Yes, synchronisation features greatly simplify the booking and updating operations.

3. Maximizing Visibility

Visibility maximizations are one of the most powerful channel management tools. Channel managers expose your company to a broader local and domestic audience that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Most management platforms, in fact, include hundreds of links to different online travel companies. Of course, online business directories improve your visibility as well. Your brand will reach a large number of people that it would not otherwise.

They can also integrate with payment processors and other booking applications to broaden your brand’s reach. Certainly, maximising visibility extends the reach of a brand.

4. Tracking Insights

Furthermore, channel managers may supply you with comprehensive insight tracking that you can utilise to assist your company grow.

Channel managers can assist in the planning of future budgets by keeping track of prior financial data. Channel managers can often monitor revenue mix across OTAs, as well as pre-booking and pickup patterns across several channels.

They also offer information like average room rates, occupancy statistics, weekday and weekend booking trends, and other indicators.

In this approach, everyone benefits from effective internet marketing. Of course, channel managers may use insight tracking to make better, more accurate budget decisions.

5. Easy To Use User Interface

Channel managers are simple and efficient to use thanks to intuitive user interfaces. Typically, they offer a powerful dashboard with a condensed view of your entire inventory.

Many companies employ algorithms or machine learning to automatically eliminate multiple reservations and other problems. As a result, these errors are greatly reduced, and your efficiency improves because you won’t have to deal with them.

Furthermore, eliminating these errors frequently leads to an increase in consumer satisfaction. Intuitive user interfaces, without a doubt, boost efficiency and simplicity of use by reducing typical errors.


In Summary

Small firms can benefit from a variety of best channel management software features. The visibility enhancement afforded by publishing availability across hundreds of channels is one such aspect.

Another aspect is the extensive synchronisation capabilities, which simplify the booking and updating operations. Third, CRM software linkages boost operational efficiency and give data on revenue growth.

In addition, intuitive user interfaces reduce common errors, enhancing efficiency. Finally, insight monitoring enables you to use data from the channel manager to improve future budgeting decisions.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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