Clothing business in Nigeria

Clothing business in Nigeria -How to start and scale


Starting a clothing business in Nigeria is one thing, being able to take advantage of the massive online platforms and sell your clothes more easily is another.

Many fashion designers and clothing sellers in Nigeria know this, which is why they want to learn how to sell and move to these platforms.

If we look at it again, then. There are thousands of advantages to selling clothes online or any of your items.

Renting a shop in a high profile area is cheaper and furnishing it simply in the expectation that customers can come and buy.

It also eliminates resources in the sense that in running your online clothing store you won’t need to recruit employees because one person can operate an online clothing store (you or someone you want if you’re concerned with other issues like your normal 9 – 5 job).

Yeah, I ‘m saying this because I’ve been in the men’s clothing industry for a while now and I’ve been selling my clothes over the internet aside from my 9 – 5 work – but doing these two has its downsides that I can discuss later if time makes me.

Another advantage of selling online is that it gives you the chance to reach hundreds, if not thousands of customers all in one location (platform) at once.

In this article I’ll share with you how all this is possible, just stay with me until the end to see the unlimited ways of selling clothes online in Nigeria.

Is Clothing Business lucrative in Nigeria ?

I know this is a concern for you, because it’s the first time you ‘re going into the business and you want to be exactly what you’re doing.

Well, if you have the guts to approach people and you know where to buy your clothes at cheaper prices to sell at higher prices, then starting a clothing store is profitable in Nigeria.

While the price of clothing varies according to their brands, even though you sell the most expensive products and if you know how to market and sell items in general, you can still make a big profit selling.
Where to find affordable clothes in Nigeria

This is a bit twisted again, because I’m going to say it depends on your location (where you live in Nigeria).

Yet there are 2 big markets in Nigeria when it comes to purchasing cheap clothes for resale 1 is Aba in the state of Abia and 2 is Eko / CMS in the state of Lagos.

If there are other big markets in Nigeria dealing with large-scale sales of clothes please let me know in the comments below.

If you don’t take your time and make proper ground checks before you buy clothing in these two common markets in Nigeria, you can still be cheated on those markets.

The best advice I can give you here is to meet someone in the market who knows someone to link you to the sellers there.

To put it another way, you will be brought in as an insider.

Do you have a way in Nigeria to access those 2 markets? Please let us know in the section.

How to start a Clothing business in Nigeria

1. Get your Starting Capital ready

We all know that starting a business like this without money is unlikely except that you already have an aunt or uncle in this company whom you can get clothes from on credit and payback after you’ve sold the goods.

  • And having your money is what you really want to be doing here.
  • How much is it that you plan to start with?
  • Want to start the small business, and then expand the company?

Or you’ve got enough money and you’d like to go full in. The decision is solely up to you and the class that you fall into is decided by your money.

2. Purchase Clothes

After collecting your capital the next step is to go buy the clothes.

As I said before, where you are (staying) in Nigeria determines where you are going to buy.

The price ranges depending on the brands you want to sell or for the sex you want to sell, and if it is just selling clothing materials.

Just make sure you buy at as small a sales rate as possible. For example, buying a wardrobe item at 2500 and selling at 5,000

3. Add Price tags

There is a justification for attaching price tags to clothing displays at the shopping store. It is to ensure that clothing is not being falsely priced at a cheaper price.

The next move is to apply price tags to those clothes after getting your clothes from the store.

I started doing this when I mistakenly sold half the original sales price on one of my leather belts. It pained me as I was unable to go back to the customer and tell him that the belt he bought was below the quality for sale.

And if you are Albert Einstein, you should have a price tag on your clothing so that the prices are not overlooked.

4. Meet your customers

First of all, my best advice here is to sell to family and friends, because you need all the encouragement to keep the business going.

So meet your mum, dad, aunt, brother, friend whoever you know likes fashion, fall under what you are selling and selling.

After exhausting all these men, the next step is to meet people who you don’t know what can be achieved through one method that is also known as offline or online that I’m about to move through.

Challenges of Clothing Business in Nigeria

Where to sell Clothes online in Nigeria

1. Instagram

Instagram is first on our list, as it is the first social media platform that people are now using and spending more time on.

Facebook used to be in this role before it’s been having a series of issues like protection lately, so many have for Instagram said it.

To run a productive line of clothing on Instagram, however, you must first create a profile and start posting pictures of your snapped clothing.

You should tag your friends, tag celebrities and Instagram influencers when you do so so that even though they don’t comment on your photos, your items can appear on their profile too.

You should run a regular advert to reach out to more people on Instagram after doing so for quite some time.

By being systematic, I mean choosing the right day, date, age of users you ‘d like to see your stuff, etc.

Running the advert would be a complete waste of time and money at any time of day.

2. Facebook

Facebook is still useful given its recent ups and downs plus the fact that if you have several friends like 2,000 friends above you do not need to run a paid ad on it.

But then again the time of day you post these pictures will significantly influence how far they go.

I found my pictures reaching more people on Saturday evening than posting on Wednesday.

And why I did. Nigerians are still busy on the weekdays and they just want to eat, watch TV and sleep, even though they get home most of the time.

3. Blogs

This one is a bit different from all the ones I have described so far because it is not a platform for social media.

You can still sell clothes on a blog, though-if you have one.

All you need is to build a website, and upload your clothes pictures to that website.

Note: This will only work if your blog receives enough traffic and builds adequate confidence with Nigerians.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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