Cloud faxing market: 5 new things to notice


As cloud services continue to see massive enterprise-wide adoption, more small businesses are also looking into ways to streamline their daily operations to increase efficiency.

With the continuing decline of the 20th century’s last remaining technology relics, cloud faxing has emerged as one of the technologies to be adopted by small businesses.

Fax remains an vital piece of the technology landscape as the number of fax service users is still high.

It is widely used in business industries where the sharing of documents is still a vital operational requirement, such as real estate, law , finance, and agencies.

You have several things to consider before you buy a multifunction printer with enhanced digital options available.

Here, we’ll look at the emerging trends driving the cloud faxing market to expand.

1. Popularisation of multi-cloud strategies

The market for cloud faxing has seen the rapid popularisation of multi-cloud strategies.

These greatly improve the storage and transmission of encrypted communications when integrated with the business faxing services.

Actually many modern businesses prefer multi-cloud strategies.

Increased faith leads companies to support on-premise computing in the cloud.

Hybrid solutions are no longer the preferred choice of many, modern enterprises.

Multi-cloud solutions allow increased data storage and security to safeguard your valuable assets.

As cloud systems have become reputable sources of data storage, increasing numbers of businesses are opting for cloud solutions entirely.

2. The use of digital strategies

Given that many small businesses are planning or have already developed a digital strategy, the future of fax is expected to be a bit dimmer than what current data shows.

So why is fax use expected to increase despite the number of companies moving away from the traditional fax? The main reason for this is because convenient digital solutions such as cloud fax are adopted.

The incorporation of email faxes and the ability to send and receive faxes on mobile devices made it easier for users to fax.

According to eFax, more companies are consolidating all their faxing needs into a single solution which allows all users to have convenient access to fax.

3. The birth of real-time transmission and encryption

Reliable communication tool for sending and receiving faxes has remained on premise faxing machines.

But there was a increasing need to streamline faxing as companies developed, as it was time-consuming and highly unproductive.

The unreliable nature of the technology prevented widespread adoption even for companies that took fax-over-IP services.

However, the emergency of real-time transmission and encryption has driven the adoption of cloud faxing as a reliable solution to tackle the reliability problems faced by fax providers.

By moving to encrypted cloud faxing with real-time delivery, small businesses having to keep Their budgets and capital costs in check will reveal huge savings.

4. Changing security demands

Secure exchange of information has become a cornerstone of any business today.

This is particularly true for companies which rely on fax in their business process or workflow.

Security concerns are a daily issue that cloud fax service providers, integrators, and users need to ponder.

However, changing security standards change everything about how sensitive and private information are protected.

This has seen cloud solutions such as cloud faxing being adopted which offer a more secure way to send and receive documents.

As already stated, encryption makes it even more attractive to small businesses worried about compliance with federal regulations.

5. Continued customer demands

The trend towards automation and digital technology is progressing at a rapid pace across all the business industries.

Cloud faxing consumers and users are increasingly demanding from the providers.

This means enhancing software, integrating APIs, identifying problems and providing solutions, integrating other business applications and ensuring customer satisfaction.

As providers offer greater value in their cloud faxing solutions, we can expect to see more smaller online faxing companies.

Continued customer expectations from enterprises and users will drive sector growth.

The real benefit for today’s cloud fax investing companies will be the return on investment along with the capital investment savings.

There’s no doubt cloud faxing providers will be the winners today and beyond, offering reliable and secure faxing and application integration.

Small businesses that embrace electronic faxing will take advantage of the ease of sending and receiving faxes on any computer in a convenient way while keeping costs down.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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