Counterfeit Money: How to Identify Fake Bills


Receiving counterfeit money from customers as a seller can be frustrating and it leaves the seller no choice than to find other ways to fill up those losses because those fake bills cannot be accepted in financial institutions.

Dealing with money counterfeit has become a rampant issue in this present times due to the kind of society we live in but if you can identify those fake bills you will surely survive.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post I will be discussing different ways to identify counterfeit bills. This is a very important subject matter so it needs all the seriousness it can get.

Any business who falls victim of this situation will lose on both sides of the coin and what this means is that he or she loses his money and also the goods sold.

Typical situations of this occurrence would be when the perpetrator goes to a seller in the night knowing fully well that the seller cannot clearly differentiate an original note from a fake one. He then plays on the seller’s ignorance and gets away with it.

Several cases of this has been repeatedly reported and till date no serious measure has been put into it to curb it.

How to identify authentic money from unauthentic money

As a form of introduction, it is advised that every business, company, bank should train their staffs on how to detect fake bills from a stack of cash.

  • Place the bill in the direction of light to spot the holograph of the face image on the bill

When doing this ensure that the picture of the person on the currency tally with the approved picture on the currency you are reviewing.

  • Via the presence of light either from the sun or artificial, look through it and you will see a tiny vertical strip.

This procedure will enable you to see texts that shows the bill’s denominations

  • Color-shifting


You can try this out by holding the particular denomination and while doing so you need to tilt the currency forward and backward so as to observe the numerical value on the currency changing color.

  • Presence of watermark.

To view this, you need to place the paper up to a line of sight where rays of light can be reflected on it. Note that the area in which the light will hit is the unprinted space which is at the right side of the picture.

  • The security thread

To observe this, hold the bill up a particular height directed at sunlight then you will notice a line that runs from the top to the bottom of the bill. The line is always thin and embedded.

If after going through these steps and you eventually find out that the bill is a counterfeit, there are a couple of things to do.

  • Do not put yourself in harm’s way
  • Do not give back the bill to the person that handed it to you
  • Try to keep the buyer waiting by swaying them.
  • Tactically access the buyer in terms of his or her physical qualities and other gadgets at their disposal
  • Contact the nearest authority in charge of situations like this.

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