Developing a Waste Transfer Station as a Business



Thinking of a business to start up can be quite frustrating especially when money appears to be an issue.

One really good and less competitive business to check out is the waste transfer station. Entering the business with the right mindset and knowledge base will spur your business idea  to greater heights.

Hi everyone my name is Timileyin and in this post i will be talking about a bit of the waste transfer station with respect to leveraging it as a business opportunity.

Let’s understand what a waste transfer station is briefly about.

First, let’s understand that a waste transfer station is not a heavy industry setup, it is just a place where waste products are stored temporarily pending the time the products reaches the facility where it will be processed.

Some of the activities that are carried out in a waste transfer station includes off-loading of garbage trucks, screening, removal of batteries due to their property and then reloading back into the truck or whatever means of transport available.

This business is not mostly found in the urban settlement because most of the available lands are already being developed or used and due to the offensive smell that is bound to be present, it’s often located in regions quite far from human settlement.

Advantages of a waste transfer station

Transferring wastes from location to location costs money to start with as regards transport funds. Having a waste transfer station where you can transfer wastes from small vehicles to large vehicles like barges can actually help in terms of transport costs.

Below is an outline of a good number of advantages to benefit from while using a waste transfer station.

  • Provides waste locations for citizens or dwellers of that location


  • Due to the few number of waste vehicles on the road such as barges, there is reduced pollution in terms of the foul smell produced by the wastes, reduced road wear among many others.


  • Waste transfer stations help to reduce congestion in the location in terms of vehicular movement since the wastes are transferred from smaller vehicles to bigger ones


Locations for waste transfer stations

As much as waste transfer stations are a good thing in terms of waste management,  they pose to have a strong effect on their locations and this raises some concerns which are to be addressed.


  • Due to the reduction of waste vehicles along the road but an increased traffic at their take off point, it is therefore necessary to locate waste transfer stations in places where roads can be accessed better. An industrial location is a good option.


  • Due to the size of the vehicle transporting the waste, there is bound to be noise which is detrimental to the well-being of those living in that location. Therefore it is advisable to have or use a vehicle that has sound barriers so has to reduce or eliminate the excessive noise being generated by the vehicle.


  • The location used for these processes has to constantly be fumigated due to the presence of rodents and other creeping life stock which if not looked into may negatively affect the lives of those living in that location.


  • While moving from location to location, there is a possibility of some of the waste to be spilled along the road. Having this challenge can cause a disturbance from the community. Therefore, to avoid this you need to strap your package well before taking off.


What does the transfer station operation look like?

The basic transfer station operation has the following things going on.

In-bounds and measure

Vehicles just coming in are brought in for measuring to know the weight of what they are bringing in so as to know how they intend on processing it

Tipping, processing and reloading

This has to do with offloading the wastes from the vehicles and then screening them for any unauthorized item such as batteries.

Location facility

This refers to the operational center where all the offloading and loading up takes place, it’s also where processing takes place.

For this type of operation, a large space will be required for the job to be effectively done, you need enough space for your equipment to stay, you need a space where vehicles can park to avoid road blockage for the other road users.


This area is also integral because you need people who will do this job, therefore to be able to work effectively,  you need to have a good network of staff and those who aren’t sober about their job but are dedicated with it

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Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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