5 industries with drone business opportunities


Now is a great time to integrate drone use into your business. There’s a surge in the multibillion dollar drone industry.

These unmanned aerial vehicles ( UAVs) are rapidly becoming vital instruments in a variety of areas.

The market value of the drone services was $4.4 billion in 2018. Up to $63.6 billion is expected to balloon by 2025.

That trend provides an enticing opportunity for business owners. Drones are to companies increasingly valuable tools.

In short, companies can make more money by incorporating drone use into their business model.

The expected growth in the industry now makes it a perfect time to start using drones in your business.

Here are some of the top industries with major chances for drone business.

1. Photography

Photography companies can greatly benefit from drone acquisitions.

Drones come with high-resolution cameras which take outstanding aerial photographs.

These aerial images provide a unique perspective that compels consumers.

Drones are ideal for taking videos and images of high-quality landscapes.

We have pretty wildlife picture opportunities for businesses that were previously inaccessible.

Real estate agents need drone aerial photographers to record images of houses and properties.

Drone companies are more likely to be employed to film such events as weddings , parties, and concerts.

There are significant opportunities for photographers to do business using drones.

2. Security and Surveillance

Drones are also used in the defense and surveillance industries.

That includes security companies at home and at the commercial level.

To capture accurate video images, drones can be fitted with high-quality surveillance cameras.

Home security firms can use drones to capture live video footage of a possible intrusion and directly transmit it to a smartphone.

Commercial security firms operating drones are more likely to win large business contracts.

Live drone surveillance feeds are able to track more risks to safety than other devices.

They can detect fires and water leaks on a property.

Their live surveillance footage helps security firms to more efficiently track their company assets.

This is both alluring for new and returning customers.

Drones are used in the security and surveillance industry to improve the monitoring systems.

3. Inspection Companies

Another industry which implements drones quickly is the field of inspection.

Drones can be used effectively for a large array of inspection purposes.

They can cover a short period of large areas. Inspectors are no longer expected to use vehicles to drive through large spaces or installations.

They may then gather crucial information and draw specific conclusions directly from an aerial footage of a drone.

It is particularly useful for inspectors involved in the canvassing of potentially hazardous areas.

The inspection companies use drones to track oil pipeline safety and integrity.

These are also useful for carrying out infrastructural checks at construction sites.

Drones have large inspection capabilities, from power lines to solar and wind turbine installations.

There are now major incentives for inspection companies to do business with drones.

4. Renting equipment

Rental equipment houses also benefit from opportunities to do business with drones. It has already been said, the use of drones is growing rapidly.

And the leasing and renting demand for these machines is also expanding.

Rental equipment houses benefit from drone acquisitions.

If you own a house for rent now is a perfect time to invest in drones.

Anyone wanting to use a drone can not actually afford one. Holiday flyers and enthusiasts tend to rent houses when they need a drone for a limited period of time.

Customers rent drones for a limited, short term purpose.

Those involve recording a holiday, a beach trip or finishing a movie script.

With drones gaining popularity, there is growing number of people who want to try them out.

That provides drone business opportunities for rental equipment houses.

5. Advertising

Finally, drones have many advertising uses. Advertising companies use drones to deliver creative marketing solutions for their clients.

The aerial footage taken on a drone is ideal for a unique video marketing campaign.

The drones are also useful for advertising banners.

Banner advertising which helicopters and small aircraft use to fly are now powered by drones.

This dramatically reduces costs and offers a larger advertisement radius for companies.

Thus, businesses that deploy drones are more appealing to potential customers.

The advertising sector is another industry which benefits from the opportunities of drone business.

Drones can be used in a wide variety of sectors, technically.

High resolution cameras offer innovative aerial photography opportunities for photographers.

Protection and monitoring companies use live-footage to closely track their assets.

Drones allow the inspectors to more efficiently track large properties.

Leasing these devices helps equipment rental houses.

Advertising firms are deploying drones to make banner ad campaigns more successful.

Those are only some of the sectors with major opportunities for drone companies.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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