13 Ways to earn money while still in an American College


It is the second half of your college year and all the funds run at an all-time low. Wherever your school is, it certainly isn’t cheap to be a college student. And together with paralyzing student loans and ever-increasing tuition rates, go to college and take your bank account dry in countless other ways. But do not be afraid-there are endless ways to earn extra money at college, which won’t force you to jeopardize your qualifications.

15 Jobs you can do while in college


Although you definitely cannot expect a lack of off-campus jobs, you may not always have time or transportation to leave the campus. Where is that taking you, then? Okay, you will (maybe surprisingly) earn a lot of money during your campus stay.

1. Become a tutor

This may be an obvious option but being a mentor is a side-hustle that is shockingly lucrative.


When you excel in some subject, there are chances that other students may need some extra help— and are willing to pay for it. And, students in your field (such as students in high school or even other college students) may also need your expertise. Though the actual pay or rate depends on the subject, the student type or the field you teach, you may possibly make up to $18 bucks an hour–not bad for your brain use.

2. Become a resident advisor

For years, one of the best ways to earn (or save) extra money has been by becoming a resident consultant— not only do most schools offer free or heavily subsidized accommodation but some have even meal scholarships and tuition fees. And with the average housing costs on campus from $8,000 to over $16,000, an RA could save you a lot of money for early investments or payments for student loans.

3. Become a research Analyst

If you’ve always been a pet teacher (or are just researchers), it’s a great way to get a lot of money in college while living on the safety of your own campus to become a researcher at your professorship.


As a researcher, activities vary from data collection and analysis, laboratories and organization, to the literature review and the preservation of information in libraries. And the best part, the best part? Normally, you receive between 23 and 23 dollars an hour, or upwards of 30,000 dollars annual salaries.

4. Work for the Security team

Security guards at campus will make a decent amount of money while on the ground–and you might find a position appropriate for your schedule.


Though security guards are also employed outside the campus (such as a bouncer, or for businesses in your area), depending on your school or the nearby community on average you can still earn around $15 an hour.

5. Work for the Campus IT Team

The student’s nightmare every college student has a computer crash, malfunction or works wrong when they most need it (which is always true if they are honest). And campus IT only has so many questions at once and can do so.


Working with IT support will help you earn additional money–around $15 an hour on average to work with IT, if you are lucky. Students may usually set available hours, where different IT services can be offered for a fee.

6. Rent your Apartment on Airbnb

When you live on campus, it can be a great way to earn extra money for a break or holiday when you rent your flat on Airbnb.


Whether you have three, four or five bedrooms to rent out, you can probably find somebody who is not home when you want to rent them out— and get a good deal in cash. See Airbnb to find out what your breaks are for the most.

7. Take part in Scholarships

While your university scholarship or FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) may already be available, there are innumerable additional scholarships to be applied for to reduce the burden on your higher education wallet.


Depending on the amount you apply, smaller scholarships may range between $500 and over $1,000 and can help you earn a little money for your college education. You may apply for various bonds, ranging from bursaries of first generation to academic bonds.

8. Become a Transcriber

When one thing’s millennial, and students from GenZ know how to do it, it is sweet. So who knew that you could make money easily by typing?


There are hundreds of websites that pay a transcriptionist, and even $15 an hour in salaries. TranscribeMe or go transcript-which often pays for the minute you transcribe, are among the popular freelance transcript sites.

9. Become an on-campus Barista

Many universities have on-campus coffee shops (or very close by), which gives students a wonderful and relatively easy job opportunity.


While the average hourly pay can vary depending on your campus or surroundings, baristas typically make between $10 and $15 per hour (usually besides tips). While the Starbucks (SBUX)-Obtain reporting is almost always an option, it’s a great way to learn about students or faculty on campus, and to see if your campus has a coffee store.

10. Write resumes for Students

Whereas this can appear to be an ability for many people, many students don’t want to take extra time (with all the bells and whistles) to curate an impeccable resume.


You can make $15-$ 20 an hour or even over $100 per resume if you have experience reading resumes (or are familiar with popular templates).

11. Become a teacher Assistant

You could become a professor’s assistant to get extra money while you are on campus if you impressed your professor in one of their classes (or if you have a good university rating).


While teacher assistants receive the salary, they often make the minimum salary or about $13 an hour. Tasks may include helping graduates and papers, researching their teachers, or other administrative tasks for the classroom.

12. Write essays for College applicants

Of course, you have joined your school of choice, but others who hope need that extra edge when you submit the winning essay. You come in here. This is where you come in.


You will work with students to write their college essays and make a huge amount of extra money-you can earn around $15-$25 an hour, depending on your local area or college (and some fees per essay are much higher).

13. Sell Textbooks you don’t need again or Study guides

You have spent an absurd amount on textbooks, and the six-month period has now expired— and you will probably never see you with a bunch of books. So, why not raise a little extra cash rather than let them accumulate stain on your bookshop?


You will earn some major money in college by selling textbooks, and help fellow students looking for a discounted textbook. And, while the profit that can be gained by buying books depends mostly on classes or courses, it can be a good way to make up some of the money that you have spent to buy books.

It may sound too good to be true, but your notes or study guides can be sold online.


You can sell them online at websites such as Oxbridge Notes or Campus Shift if you take Stellar Notes in a class or have developed impeccable Study Guides for various classes and topics–at a fee of up to $25 to 85 percent.


Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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