Earn good money online with WhatsApp:How to do it


Earning good money online through WhatsApp can take several forms although WhatsApp itself does not allow advertisements or commercial transactions.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin have now become a way of life. Without the existence of these channels, one can not picture one’s everyday life.

The first thing that pretty much everybody does throughout the morning is review updates on their subscribed social media sites, and keep doing so at regular intervals during the day until one sleeps in the evening.

With user engagement at these elevated rates on these sites, the obvious question is: Will those experiences be monetized? Facebook video creators, for example, may earn from ad revenue, and this is the case with creators of Youtube videos.

Although WhatsApp itself does not permit advertisements or commercial transactions, there are still plenty of ways to make the most of its unique format and earn small sums of money here and there.

Below are the ways to earn good money online with WhatsApp

1. Viral content

The Internet includes millions of websites filled with posts, advertisements and content.

There’s a way to make money onlone through WhatsApp by sharing the valuable content with your contacts. When it comes to this form, it is all about using paid services for shortening URLs like Shorte.st etc.

These paid URL shortening services allow users to use their platform to shorten the links to different web properties. And the user will be paying a certain amount of money for each click that the new, shortened connection gets!

Once you register and explore exciting materials like blogs, news and viral videos, people typically like these content and love clicking on those links.

So using WhatsApp, follow these measures and start making money online:

1) Visit URL-shortening websites (for example, shorte.st)
2) Register with your email or log in with Facebook
3) Get the URL of any article / web page you want to share with your WhatsApp mates. Click the ‘SHORTEN URL’ button on the tab.
4) Copy the shortened URL now.
5) Give this URL to as many of your WhatsApp contacts as you can
6) The more people you click the link to access the content, the more money you receive.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a forum where you advertise the same product under a company’s name.

Amazon for example is one of the best marketing network for affiliates. You can get commission in affiliate marketing which is based on the product you have to sell.

You need to choose the commodity that you want to endorse. Get your affiliate URL after settling for one, and start promoting it on WhatsApp and earning money by sharing the connection with your contacts and associated groups.

Besides Amazon, there are several other reputed sites which offer marketing plans for affiliates.

3. Leveraging PPD networks

Basically, you will be charged if users access your uploaded files as per PPD (Pay Per Download) network norms.

Among other PPD websites, for example, you can go to openload.com. Openload is one of the best PPD websites around the globe, as it offers higher payouts, and is easy to sign up for and start.

You need to upload all the movies, photos, songs and other interesting videos here, share the link with your contact with WhatsApp, on Facebook and so on.

You will get paid for that when your uploaded files are downloaded from the page. You get some money for every download, but the money can vary depending on the download capacity.

Other methods of earning money online from WhatsApp

In addition to the above, if you are running a company you can use WhatsApp to promote, sell your goods and services to help increase your profits.

Directly using the file sharing features of the app, you can offer your services to send out promotional images, videos and other assorted media.

You can connect to your website and create a personalized signature that includes a link to your website or social media accounts for your posts.

You may host an e-conference or a seminar using WhatsApp’s community video call function to communicate your ideas on a larger scale.

You may also deliver live customer service on WhatsApp.
Therefore, if you have an established company, there are several forms in which your time spent on WhatsApp can be monetised.

WhatsApp is a perfect tool for publicity and sales programs. On the other hand, if you are an active user with comprehensive network, you can use content sharing to easily exploit them.

It should be noted that the sharing should be balanced and your contacts should not count it as spamming, as people will avoid taking your opinion or effort seriously in that situation.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.


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