8 Top Ways to make your Business Eco-friendly



Business eco-friendliness is one of the characteristics that makes a business to be acceptable and well integrated in the environment

When you intend to launch an entrepreneurial company it is of utmost importance to stand out in the crowd of thousands.

While imagining something enigmatic is a good way to distinguish yourself, going green is also a highly sensitive tactic to remain in the limelight, or even involving eco-friendly operating techniques.

There are those who will be shocked to hear that green business practices can have a positive impact on a brand’s bottom line.

In addition, with global warming shaping up as a monumental challenge, it is important for smaller and even larger companies to take responsibility for working in a more responsible and environmentally sustainable manner.

In the next few pages, we will recruit some of the best and easiest methods that companies should begin immediately pursuing to maintain a sense of green activity in addition to adhering to eco-friendly standards:

1. Hydro conservation

Charity starts at home, and the eco-friendly approach begins right at the office for a business.

Therefore, saving water is a simple approach which would involve business owners and employees in repairing the faucets and taps to prevent water wastage.

Recruiting a plumber for the job is a smart way to go about the same, specifically to recognize the gaps that could impede water conservation.

Although this may sound like a small step, it is expected to be highly successful in the long run, as long as this strategy is adopted by thousands of companies.

A good way to do the same is to check the water taps, even as far as considering waterless urinals for the workplace in question.

In addition, some of the other low-flow solutions are also in trend, including urinals, gray toilers, rainwater harvesting, and xeriscaping.

2. Focus on PCW

Post-consumer waste is an important part of business operations and companies need to be vigilant about the disposal and recycling of it.

Items classified as PCW are considered to be environmentally friendly, and entirely recyclable.

Therefore, a reasonable way for companies to be more environmentally friendly is to opt for better packaging, paper-specific raw materials, and goods — specifically by selecting the PCW paper.

The PCW mark will also differ depending on the consistency and recyclability of the mark.

3. Go for Biodegradable cleaners

If you’re doing a workplace cleaning, going green will also be a smart idea. This will mean you have to let all of the daily laundry detergent, shampoo, and soap extracts concentrate more on environmentally friendly alternatives.

Nonetheless, the first approach is to integrate organic and non-toxic critical cleaning into the mix.

4. Practice carpooling

As a company owner, you can change workplace transportation and related options. If you are actually looking to go green with the activities, you need to add carpooling.

The key goal of carpooling is to reduce the use of petrol, and thus the local population. When several people are boarding the same vehicle, the resulting emissions will be easier to reduce.

5. Appreciate the use of green batteries

Every business needs to work with some type of electronics, typically battery-operated.

It is important to remember that most of the modern batteries are made of metals that are unethically mined and processed which is hazardous to the environment.

Green batteries like Samsung 25r, sodium-based and salt-based chemistries, liquid-centered technologies, and paper-based concepts need to be prioritized as a move towards green service.

6. Carry out energy auditings

In more basic terms, in the form of audits, a company must calculate and regularly assess the energy leaks and other anomalies in the organization’s current work model.

Ultimately it all depends on how reserves of energy, specifically electricity, are used.


In addition, it is a known reality that corporations suffer significant losses if energy use goes unregulated as a result of surveys, almost 20 percent of overhead costs are attributed to energy-centered loopholes.

There are several corporate bodies that also perform free audits of resources when resolving the problems without extra costs.

7. Add gadgets that are energy efficient

Some office-centered appliances have star-ratings against them, precisely to determine the energy consumption pertaining to each.

A more environmentally friendly solution would be to replace the old appliances with the new ones with 5-star ratings, primarily to reduce energy usage.

Although some areas have star ratings to indicate the efficiency of internal cabling and lower electricity consumption, other regions have yellow tags to reflect the likelihood of better environmental and economic savings.

8. Go for an alternative energy source

If you are a business owner, then by replacing the same with the current electricity supply you have the option to opt for a green energy source.

Many countries give the business owners the versatility and choice to choose the source of their power supply.

Hence, Green Power can be chosen by businesses who aim to make a difference to the current environmental landscape.

It must be noted that green energy comes at a higher cost because it is generated from wind, solar, hydropower, plant material, and geothermal energy sources.

As it is difficult to obtain and transform the energy into a more functional form, the costs are typically on the higher side.

Nonetheless, the final decision to integrate renewable energy sources is with the business owners, and depending on the company’s financial positioning they can either opt for the same or skip.

9. Encourage the use of green web hosting

Because we all know that online exposure is of utmost importance when it comes to expanding scope, businesses who are willing to make a difference only have to partner with green-web hosting companies to get the job done.

This includes interacting with hosting firms already interested in purchasing carbon credits and using renewable energy.

Therefore, if you are affiliated with green web hosting firms, even corporate reputation would get a significant boost.

While these are some of the best approaches companies should pursue to incorporate eco-friendliness within the operations, there are some bottlenecks that still impede the global implementation of these techniques.

Firstly, most companies are also unaware either of the potential risks to the economy or of the strategies that can help mitigate the same.

Second, financial positioning is also a challenge that prevents most small businesses from combining carpooling and green energy likes.

Nonetheless, each of these loopholes can be solved if at the beginning companies begin with the simple green operations processes.

Whether it is repairing the splurging of water or replacing old and obsolete equipment with the latest ones, the fundamentals of green operations are safe and much easier to execute compared to the more common techniques.

In conclusion

Implementing those nine tactics will save a lot of money quickly for companies.

Besides that, these are the cornerstone of green business and if businesses continue to stick to the above principles, they will find it easier to get the respect that they deserve.

Green operations, or rather eco-friendly activity, is one thing that the businessmen have long overlooked.

However, with the world turning rapidly toward an environmental crisis, caution is inevitable and it is clear that companies are adhering to the aforementioned policies and adding value to the current environmental domain.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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