To make money on an e-commerce site, it requires a lot of time, effort, and money to get a reasonable volume of traffic.

The costs of organic search, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization may add up quickly.

When a website isn’t making as much money as it should, the focus usually shifts to increasing traffic.


Although increased traffic is always beneficial and usually leads to increased profits, there is a better method to go about it.

Making an effort to gain more money from the traffic that is already flowing to the site makes more sense.

The most efficient approach to do this is to increase conversions.


1. Videos

Video marketing is an important aspect of an e-commerce site’s overall traffic conversion strategy.

However, when it comes to conversions, a video serves a different purpose.

It is also on the site itself to enhance conversions, rather than being utilised as a magnet to bring in additional views.


A polished and properly produced video by a firm like Zipinmedia, a Miami-based video production agency, can be far more persuasive than any text copy or image.


When you have a product-based website, visitors frequently want to know if the product will address their problem.

A video can accomplish this far more effectively than writing. It depicts how the product is utilised in real life, which helps viewers understand it.

Their questions are usually resolved in an instant, and they are now ready to purchase.


The video’s position and presentation also play a role. The conversion rate will increase immediately if the video is placed above the fold on a landing page.

In addition, if the movie is interactive in the sense that clickable links can be inserted, conversions will rise.


A movie on the landing page also gives your store a human face. This will assist in gaining the visitor’s trust and may also lead to conversions.


2. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Word of mouth continues to be a powerful tool for selling goods and services, and modern technology hasn’t changed that.

What has changed is that technology can now be used to spread information.


Consumers are more likely to believe a third party than a celebrity or the brand itself when it comes to suggesting a product.

Of course, you can engage a content writer for your product.

Including information that other users can upload allows visitors to hear from people who have actually utilised the product.

Because they are likely to have similar questions about how it works or whether it would solve their specific issue.

Make it possible for users to upload videos or photographs to their reviews so that others can see them.

This is exactly what Amazon does with their product sites, and it really helps. Consumer confidence in Amazon reviews, on the other hand, is eroding.

They are unsure whether or not the reviews were paid for.


This gives you an advantage because consumers will be able to see videos from users without being on the Amazon platform, removing any doubt that it is genuine.


3. Improve web landing page


The addition of a video to the landing page is critical, but conversion optimization does not end there.

The value proposition is the most critical item to have in both the video and the page itself.

This is the prize they will receive for either joining the email list or completing a transaction.


Understanding the visitor’s pain point is essential to making the value proposition attractive.

Then it should employ the appropriate wording to emphasise that the pain point has been identified and that the product in question is the best solution for the problem.


Furthermore, the form they are asked to fill out in order to be added to the list and funnel should be simple to complete and not require too many personal details at first.

Multipage forms are better for this because the information is gathered gradually, allowing for the development of trust.


It’s also a good idea to try out alternative landing sites.

Some may appear to be fully optimised, but the only way to know for sure is to conduct A/B testing.

This entails testing two distinct landing page variants to discover which one performs better.


Half of the people will see one version, while the other half will see the other.

After that, you may look at the data to see how they fared. Some of the metrics that may have contributed to the disparity will be visible.

For example, one version may do better with males while the other performs better with women.

This form of analysis enables you to develop the most profitable version possible.


4. Examine the Checkout Procedure

When a buyer encounters any difficulty while trying to make a purchase, they will most likely click away, and the sale will be lost.

If your online checkout procedure isn’t up to par, the key to increase conversions is to make it as simple and intuitive as possible.


Most plugins that come with your e-commerce site’s content management system are usually good at this.

However, if you’re utilising an unoptimized bespoke system, it could be the cause of low conversions.

Alternatively, some methods will not function for the type of buyer your product attracts.

The greatest way to make the most of what you already have is to increase conversions.


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