6 Tips to help your expenses as an entrepreneur


The goal of each entrepreneur is to generate as much income as possible, but without wise spending habits, wealth won’t accumulate. Frugality is an important skill to have as a businessman.

It is about stopping money leaks while still living a fulfilling life, and in order to succeed, it requires a mindset adjustment.

This is true for your private life, for small businesses, and for large corporations. Here are six steps to ensure that the wrong path is not chosen by you.


1. Couponing

In keeping your wallets stable, a very good first step is to use coupons. Forget to save a few dollars, as coupons can cut your monthly grocery bill by 50% or more! Usually, if you’re trashing supermarket flyers or newspaper coupon pages, you should really think again.

The popularity of coupons is increasing again, and for good reason. You can save between 50 and 60% a week at the supermarket by having such coupons.

You can also find discounts in locations other than the flyer for the newspaper or supermarket.

2. Monthly spending

However, ferreting out offers online is just the first move. You should pay attention to what you pay for each month (rent or mortgage, electricity, water, gas, telephone, cable, and insurance) to save more each month.

You should then ask yourself: do you really need all that stuff? Of course, most of them are essential, and cutting out insurance or mortgage payments should never be taken into consideration.

Facilities such as cable TV and a landline telephone can, however, be replaced by cheaper Internet solutions. This will help you realize your dream and launch an online store earlier than you’d ever imagined.

3. DIY

The Internet has fostered countless communities that encourage a lifestyle of do-it-yourself. So, you can find a homemade alternative that reduces costs if you’re thinking about buying something for your home.

You should buy things that wouldn’t take too long to make yourself, too, and consider worthwhile hobbies for do-it-yourself home decor projects.

If you like it, though saving money in the process, you will end up having fun. Engage your friends and family in this small project, because you can save time in this way, but you will also have the chance to create and establish stronger boundaries.

4. Search for replacements

Never purchase a brand name because you know that the knock-off brands do not have the same consistency.

There are too many variations of top goods that are generic. Spending money on the same commodity does not make sense.

To find out if the generics are as good as the real thing, you can use online message boards and advice from friends and family.

This will help you save money that you can put back into business, which is particularly important if you intend to open any franchises for children’s cars.

Those expenditures will add up, and you would be surprised at how much cash you have spent in the past buying brand name products.

5. Build it yourself

Why not go full steam ahead along the same lines as the DIY tip above and also grow your own fruits and vegetables? Growing your own food will cut your food bills dramatically every month.

And even better, for your food garden, the seeds and waste you get from your crops will serve as self-sustenance. It may seem like an arduous task to grow your own food, but it does not need to be.

A window box with herbs can help to reduce costs even if you live in an apartment, and a hanging tomato plant will serve as a distinctive, thrifty interior design.

If you work, it works. If you really want to live a frugal lifestyle, the way to go is to grow your own food.

6. Find a replacement for Laptops

You can buy a Bluetooth keyboard, which can be used with your smartphone for note taking, instead of having to spend too much on a new laptop.

If you don’t need a laptop at that time, because you can do everything on your phone, it’s a great money-saver. Also, a keyboard and maybe some batteries are all you have to carry around.

Make your life easier, all while saving cash for your future payments for small business car insurance.

Komolafe Timileyin is a passionate entrepreneur that loves to solve entrepreneurial issues. He is also a blogger and an upcoming Engineer.

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